SBOHVM External Seminars 2023-24

Our weekly External Lecture series restarts on Wednesday 4th October in the Graham Kerr Lecture Theatre from 12-1.

This event will alternate between Gilmorehill and Garscube every week, with the Gilmorehill seminars taking place at 12-1pm in the Graham Kerr Lecture Theatre and the Garscube seminars taking place at 1-2pm in the McCall Lecture Theatre.

We'll be hosting in person and virtual talks by many visitors from across the world. It's guaranteed to be a fun, informative and enlightening regular event. 

For the most up to date info, please also visit our School Calendar.

External Seminar Series

Date Campus Lecture Theater Time Speaker Speaker's Institution Talk Title
04-Oct-23 Gilmorehill GK LT1 12-1pm   Kevin Parsons University of Glasgow  
11-Oct-23 Garscube   1-2pm Sarah Hill Royal Veterinary College Genomic epidemiology of viral pathogens in animals: identifying transmission routes and outbreak dynamics with virus genome sequences
25-Oct-23 Gilmorehill GK LT1  1-2pm SIG Seminar     
01-Nov-23 Gilmorehill GK LT1 5-6pm Helen Roy   Biological Invasion
08-Nov-23 Garscube McCall LT  1-2pm Willie Yeomans & Azra Meadows University of Glasgow 'Atlantic salmon distribution in the River Clyde catchment' and 'Natural disasters and rehabilitation of rural communities in Pakistan'
15-Nov-23 Gilmorehill GK LT1 12-1pm Matthew Fisher Imperial College London

Tracking and tackling emerging fungal one-health threats

22-Nov-23 Garscube  Ilay LT  1-2pm  Andrew Forbes University of Glasgow  Dung beetles and parasite control
29-Nov-23 Gilmorehill GK LT1  12-1pm Ed Ivimey-Cook University of Glasgow  An introduction to code review
06-Dec-23 Gilmorehill GK LT1 12-1pm Lynda Yorke Bangor University Education
15-Dec-23 Gilmorehill GK1 5-6pm Professor Bill Sutherland  University of Cambridge  Saving the planet before Christmas: steps for making a real difference

Winter break

17-Jan-24 Gilmorehill GK LT1 1-2pm  Peter MacPherson University of Glasgow

Rapid concentrating epidemics of HIV and tuberculosis in urban Africa: surveillance and public health action.

24-Jan-24 Gilmorehill GK LT1  1-2pm  Chris Funk Colorado State University 

A frog tale about a tailed frog: Why an evolutionary perspective matters for predicting sensitivity to increasing temperatures.

31-Jan-24 Gilmorehill GK LT1 1-2pm  Mara Lawniczak Wellcome Sanger Institute 

Vector Genomics and the Malaria Cell Atlas. 

07-Feb-24 Gilmorehill GK LT1  1-2pm  Jennifer Lord  LSTM  Identifying sources of transmission for zoonotic mosquito-borne viruses: Implications for interventions and the perplexity of engaging in One Health research. 
14-Feb-24 Gilmorehill GK LT1 4-5pm  Rebecca Kilner University of Cambridge 

Simpson’s Question: How does behaviour determine evolution?

21-Feb-24 Garscube McCall LT1  1-2pm  Mary Donaldson University of Glasgow  Naviagting open access publishing 
28-Feb-24 Gilmorehill GK LT1 1-2pm  Diego Fontaneto CNR, Italy

Evolution and speciation without sex in bdelloid rotifers?

06-Mar-24 Gilmorehill GK LT1  1-2pm  Isabella Capellini Queen's University Belfast  Sleep in the wild: Individual differences, environmental constraints and ontogeny 
13-Mar-24 Gilmorehill GK LT1 1-2pm  Nick Hanley and Louise Matthews  University of Glasgow   
20-Mar-24 Garscube Online   1-2pm  George Warimwe Jenner Institute and KEMRI  
27-Mar-24 Gilmorehill Kelvin Hall 1-2pm  Anne Jungblut Natural History Museum  
26-Jun-24 Garscube     Chris Oura The University of the West Indies One Health / Impact of Climate Change on Health in the Carribean