About us

Our School brings together a wealth of internationally leading researchers, clinicians, educators and facilities to form an international powerhouse for One Health research and discovery science. We address some of the most important global challenges that face our planet including animal health, welfare and disease, biodiversity loss, animal infectious disease and zoonosis, ecosystem deterioration, antimicrobial resistance and food security. A fundamental component of our multidisciplinary work is to understand how environmental change amplifies these global challenges and how they in turn impact health inequalities, human health and socioeconomics. 

We are dedicated to delivering educational programmes that foster the next successful generation of scientists and veterinary surgeons. This is achieved successfully through a multidisciplinary clinical veterinary, educational and research body with a key strength of combining methods and insights across a variety of academic disciplines.  We are unique in the UK in our ability to link research on animal health, production and welfare with ecological and evolutionary approaches.

Our internationally accredited training programme for veterinary surgeons takes place predominantly on our Garscube Campus using state-of-the-art primary and referral animal centres including the Small Animal HospitalGlasgow Equine Hospital & Practice, the Scottish Centre for Production Animal Health & Food Safety and our Veterinary Diagnostic Services for animal owners and referring practitioners throughout the UK. 

In addition to the Veterinary Medicine & Surgery [BVMS] programme, the School delivers programmes in Marine & Freshwater Biology [BSc/MSci]Veterinary Biosciences [BSc/MSci] and Zoology [BSc/MSci]