About Us

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Our School brings together internationally respected researchers and facilities to address some of the most important challenges that face our planet.  We are dedicated to delivering educational programmes that foster the next successful generation of scientists and veterinary surgeons. 

Our internationally accredited training programme for veterinary surgeons takes place predominantly on our Garscube Campus using state-of-the-art primary and referral animal centres including the Small Animal Hospital, Glasgow Equine Hospital & Practice, the Scottish Centre for Production Animal Health & Welfare and our Veterinary Diagnostic Services for animal owners and referring practitioners throughout the UK. 

Our research facilities include the Scottish Centre for Ecology and the Natural Environment (SCENE) and Cochno Farm & Research Centre,  providing an outstanding educational environment for the provision of accredited undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes. 

We are fundamentally a multidisciplinary clinical veterinary, educational and research body with a key strength of combining methods and insights across a variety of academic disciplines. We are unique in the UK in our ability to link research on animal health, production and welfare with ecological and evolutionary approaches. Our researchers work across 7 main themes addressing multiple biological levels - from research into molecules and cells, to research into individuals, populations and ecosystems: 

  • Comparative & Translational Medicine
  • Ecology & Environmental Change
  • Evolution & Diversity
  • Host-Parasite Interactions & Pathogenesis
  • Infectious Disease Ecology
  • Physiology, Ageing & Welfare
  • Educational Research & Scholarship 

The need for a holistic One Health approach has never been more pressing, given the threat posed by rapid environmental change and human population increase. We are driven by the need for multidisciplinary teams to address major research challenges in relation to food security, environmental change, emerging diseases and the conservation of biodiversity. We do this by integrating empirical research with rigorous quantitative analysis, appropriate theoretical frameworks and predictive modelling. 

The School has a strong commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. Our recent Athena Swan Gender Equality Silver Department award establishes our commitment to gender equality for recruitment, career development and progression of our staff and students, and sets out our future plans to continue developing this culture.

Part of the College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences