SBOHVM PGR Internal Seminars 2022-2023

Our 22-23 PostGrad/PostDoc/P.I. Lecture series kicks off again on Friday 7 October at 4pm, and every Friday thereafter in the Graham Kerr Lecture Theatre or via zoom, as per the schedule below.

We'll be hosting virtual talks by many of our own PostGrads and SBOHVM Researchers. It's guaranteed to be a fun, informative and enlightening regular event. 

For the most up to date info, please also visit our School Calendar.

PGR Seminar Series

07/10/2022 Laura Sessions Using demographic modelling and remote imaging to inform and improve population management of red deer (Cervus elaphus) in Scotland
  Matt Arnold Protein sequences provide new insights into the realtionships between viruses and hosts 3
14/10/2022 Rowan Durrant Calculating rabies mutation rates, lineage emergence rates and outbreak sizes 2
Mariel ten Doeschate Marine strandings surveillance 2
28/10/2022 Pia Formisano TBA 2
Aimee Walker Precision Livestock Farming technologies to improve welfare and management in small ruminants 2
11/04/2022 Jessica Hall Urban ticks and deer in the UK Research Staff
Poppy Lamberton TBA Research Staff
18/11/2022 Yacob Haddou Quantifying ecological delays following landscape change 2
25/11/2022 Hollie French Genetic diversity and transmission geography of vampire bat rabies 2
Leonidas Spathis RNA-sequence data to identify novel targets for drugs against parasite infections 2
02/12/2022 John Cook Management factors influencing transition cow performance 
Callum Stewart Seasonality in Siberian Hamsters 
13/01/2023 Raheema Chunara Developing a water filtration method for schistosomiasis 2
John Laurence Smout Evolutionary genetics of viviparity and oviparity in lizards 3
20/01/2023 Marina Kugler An investigation into transmission and total cases of Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever (CCHF) in Uganda 2
Mark Kauna Sanda Mark Kauna Sanda 3
27/01/2023 Rhiannon Heslop Understanding host-parasite interactions of Trypanosoma parasites in skin 1
Mohammad Saiful Islam Sajib Bacterial sepsis: Assessing novel molecular methods for rapid diagnosis 2
03/02/2023 Julius Nziza TBA 2
Rita Ribeiro TBA Research Staff
10/02/2023 Duangkamon Loesbanluechai
Testing the role of specific genomic loci of P. falciparum in diverse vector transmission
Research Staff
Mauro Pazmino TBA Research Staff
17/02/2023 Mimi Cox Local adaptation of malaria parasites to regionally restricted vectors 2
David Moody Mechanism of action of novel anthelmintics 2
24/02/2023 Amandine Gamble TBA Research Staff
Neal Dawson TBA Research Staff
03/03/2023 Adam Liddle Avian Photoperiodism and Circadian Timekeeping 2
Andrea Kipingu Modelling to Optimize Malaria Vector Control at Low Mosquito Population Densities 3
10/03/2023 Wendy Liu Repurposing trypanocidal drugs to treat Amoebic Gill Disease caused by Neoparamoeba perurans 2
Deepti Negi Arrival of the fittest: Examining the evolution and underlying mechanisms of morphological plasticity in African cichlids 2
17/03/2023 Joel Odero Malaria mosquito population biology in Tanzania 2
Mar Pineda Investigating fisheries-induced trait variation in the Amazon 2
24/03/2023 Rachel Reid  The impacts of urbanisation on avian health and physiology
Melissa Landry Green Effects of urbanisation on populations of two pipistrelle bats in the UK 3
31/03/2023 Houssein Samwel Kimaro Environmental controls on parasite infection dynamics in a multihost community at the wildlife-livestock interface 1
JINGYI GU Recycling Behaviour as a Determinant of Households' Well-being: The Case of Municipal Solid Waste Management in China 2
14/04/2023 Emmanuel Mwanga Using machine learning and infrared spectroscopy for rapid assessment of key entomological and parasitological indicators of malaria transmission 2
Zhe Wang The role of RNA Polymerase III in the ageing process 2
21/04/2023 Criselda Bautista Genomics informed surveillance for elimination of rabies in the Philippines 2
Najat Kahamba The ecology of Anopheles funestus and it's implications on malaria transmission 3
28/04/2023 Essa Jarra Epidemiology of Rift Valley Fever 2
Dennis Minja The influence of anthropogenic activities on cheetah hunting success and habitat use on the boundaries of Serengeti National Park 3
12/05/2023 Jennifer Keeping Diet, movement and threats to Stingrays in Mozambique
Mariel ten Doeschate Marine Strandings Surveillance 2
26/05/2023 Noor Muhammad Khan Transgenerational physiological consequences of environmental chemical exposure 1
Issa Hassani Mshani Investigating applications of infrared and AI-based approaches for malaria parasite detection in population surveys and clinical settings 2