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Evolution & Diversity

Image of a tree made of DNAOur research seeks to identify and analyse genetic and phenotypic variability underlying biodiversity at all taxonomic levels, from viruses to vertebrates. Taking full advantage of rapid technological advances in genetic sequencing and bioinformatics, our research addresses a broad range of fundamental and applied evolutionary problems.

Specific areas of interest include the basis of adaptation to changing biological and physical environments, the process and underlying mechanisms of speciation, the role of mating systems, host-parasite interactions, and the linkage among ecological and evolutionary processes. Frequently, this work requires the integration of genetic information with other types of data (e.g. phenotypic, geographic, demographic).  The development of new bioinformatic tools and approaches to achieve this integration represents a key research focus.

Research Links

Due to evolutionary principles being fundamental to all aspects of biology, our research activities are naturally linked with those of other research themes within the Institute and throughout the College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences, with particular ties to the Glasgow Polyomics Facility, the Scottish Centre for Ecology and the Natural Environment (SCENE), and the Centre for Virus Research.

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Our Staff

Our Staff