Book Reviews

Book Reviews

The reviews on this page were originally submitted to our sister publication eSharp.

Autumn 2007

Lee, Hermione, Edith Wharton by Elizabeth Anderson (University of Glasgow)

Spring 2007

DeGregorio Scott, Bede on Ezra and Nehemiah by Mary Rambaran-Olm (University of Glasgow)

McCormick, John, The European Superpower by Alex Fedorov (University of Derby)

Autumn 2006

Amis, M., House of Meetings (2006) by Darya Protopopova (New College, Oxford)

Gardiner, Michael, Modern Scottish Culture (2005) by Monica Germanà (University of Derby)

Kleinschmidt, Harald, Perception and Action in Medieval Europe (2005) by Lucy Whiteley (University of Glasgow)

Webb, E., (ed), Marie Cardinal: New Perspectives (2006) by Fiona Barclay (University of Glasgow)

Spring 2006

Crome, Keith and James Williams (eds), The Lyotard Reader and Guide (2005) by Gunnar Fabian Schuppert (University of Helsinki)

Autumn 2005

Blair, John, The Church in Anglo-Saxon Society (2005) by Alaric Hall (University of Helsinki)

Fuchs, Barbara, Romance (2004) by Monica Germanà (Roehampton University)

Petrie, Duncan, Contemporary Scottish Fictions: Film, Television and the Novel (2004) by Monica Germanà (Roehampton University)

Spencer, Philip and Howard Wollman (eds), Nations and Nationalism: A Reader (2005) by Daniel P.J. Soule (University of Glasgow)