Issue 11: New Horizons

Image by Roderick Simpson

Lead editors: Brianna Robertson, Arun Sood, David Wheeler



Written by Ali Smith

Reviewed by Katy Hastie TKR11_1


Written by Thom Brooks

Reviewed by Caitlin Gormley TKR11_2

Sustainability of Tourism: Cultural and Environmental Perspectives

Edited by Metin Kozak and Nazmi Kozak

Reviewed by Richard Morgan TKR11_3

Rethinking the Humanities: Paths and Challenges

Edited by Ricardo Gil Soerio and Sofia Travers

Reviewed by Sara Manavian TKR11_4

India Today: Economy, Politics and Society

Written by Stuart Corbridge, John Harriss and Craig Jeffrey

Reviewed by Toolika Gupta TKR11_5

North Sea Archeologies: A Maritime Biography, 10,000 BC to AD 1500

Written by Robert Van de Noort

Reviewed by Helen Green TKR11_6

Daily Life in the Progressive Era

Written by Steven L. Piott

Reviewed by Dorette Sobolewski TKR11_7