Interstitial Spaces: Mapping the In-Between

Interstitial Spaces: Mapping the In-Between

The Kelvingrove Review_Institial_Spaces_ImageThe focus of the first issue is interdisciplinarity. Download this issue here: TKR 1 - Interstices

Editors: Elizabeth Anderson and Kate Morris


The Creation of the World or Globalization By Jean-Luc Nancy
Review by Lilian Moncrieff

Nature's Edge: Boundary Explorations in Ecological Theory and Practice Edited by Charles S. Brown and Ted Toadvine
Review by Heather MacNeill

Language, Ecology and Society: A Dialectical Approach By Jørgen Christian Bang and Jørgen Døør
Review by Mark Godin

'Sexing the Text': a one-day conference
Review by Siobhann Macafferty

Literature, Theology and Feminism & Imagining Theology: Women, Writing and God By Heather Walton.
Review by Elizabeth Anderson

Geneses, Genealogies, Genres and Genius: The Secrets of the Archive By Jacques Derrida
Review by Neil Davidson

Rethinking Settler Colonialism: History and Memory in Australia, Canada, Aotearoa New Zealand and South Africa Edited by Annie E. Coombes
Review by Alana M. Vincent

A Principality of Its Own: 40 Years of Visual Arts at the Americas Society Edited by José Luis Falconi and Gabriela Rangel
Review by Catriona McAra