Issue 8: Crisis

Edited by Susan Bell, Emma Gascoigne and Mira Knoche.

TKR 8 chair  Chair

1. A separate seat for one person,
typically with a back and four legs.

2. The Chair - short for electric
chair, a chair in which convicted
criminals are executed by

3. The person in charge of a
meeting or of an organisation (used
as a neutral alternative to chairman
or chairwoman): She's the chair
of a research committee

4. The post of a chairperson: He
was due to step down after a three-
year stint in the chair

5. A professorship: He held a chair
in physics.
We Don't Need No Education
by Shahriyar Mansouri

Welcome to the eighth issue of The Kelvingrove Review. The texts under review in this issue engage with the theme of Crisis, a concept currently prominent in a wide variety of disciplines. While crisis is often characterised as disruptive and harmful, many of the works considered here highlight crisis as an opportunity for positive change, instigating a process of societal or individual reflection and reconsideration of the status quo. Crises thus frequently imply the strong involvement and active participation of those affected and an urgency to bring about transformation.
Issue 8 also features a number of non-themed reviews covering subjects such as linguistics and theology, philosophy, American literature, British history and Mariology (the study of the Virgin Mary).

TKR is pleased to present these postgraduate reviewers, who have demonstrated in their writing an ability to critically evaluate the writings of other scholars and communicate this to a broad, interdisciplinary audience. Their success in this demonstrates TKR's importance in providing a platform for emerging scholars to publish. This issue's creative work, 'We Don't Need No Education' by Shahriyar Mansouri, is both ominous and poignant. Its visual starkness evokes a number of associations, such as the current education 'cuts' crisis in the UK and the more radical pedagogical crises in countries such as Iran. Shahriyar Mansouri is writing a PhD on the modernist Irish Bildungsroman at the University of Glasgow. He has taken photographs for Google (Maps), World Vision, and OIFC. This photo was taken in Malaysia, during a three-year stay. Shahriyar's artist statement can be read here. A selection of his photographs can be seen online at: and

Articles are in PDF format. If you do not already have Adobe Reader on your computer, you can download it for free from


Themed Reviews.

Criticism, Crisis and Contemporary Narrative Edited by Paul Crosthwaite
Reviewed by Andrew McWhirter TKR8-1


The Music Industry: Music in the Cloud (DMS - Digital Media and Society) Written by Patrik Wikström
Reviewed by Anthony Reynolds TKR8-2


Contesting Human Remains: The Crisis of Cultural Authority Written by Tiffany Jenkins
Reviewed by Ryan K. McNutt TKR8-3


Global Politics of Health Written by Sara E. Davies
Reviewed by Michael O'Brien TKR8-4


Sexual Violence and Armed Conflict: War and Conflict in the Modern World Written by Janie L. Leatherman
Reviewed by Kirsty MacAlpine TKR8-5


So What? Now What? The Anthropology of Consciousness Responds to a World in Crisis Edited by Matthew C. Bronson and Tina R. Fields
Reviewed by Patricia E. 'Iolana TKR8-6


Paths to Post-Nationalism: A Critical Ethnography of Language and Identity Written by Monica Heller
Reviewed by Nicola Carty TKR8-7


Deep Secrets: Boys' Friendships and the Crisis of Connection Written by Niobe Way
Reviewed by Clare Stainthorp TKR8-8


The Crisis of Schooling? Learning, Knowledge and Competencies in Modern Societies Edited by Jose Manuel Resende and Maria Manuel Vieira
Reviewed by Sarah Erskine TKR8-9


Non-themed Reviews

Understanding the British Empire Written by Ronald Hyam
Reviewed by Joanne Savage TKR8-10


Melting-Pot Modernism Written by Sarah Wilson
Reviewed by Micaela Maftei TKR8-11


Dawn of the Metal Age: Technology and Society During the Levantine Chalcolithic Written by Jonathan M. Golden
Reviewed by Molly Saville TKR8-12


The Sacrament of Language Written by Giorgio Agamben
Reviewed by Henry King TKR8-13


Kristeva Written by Stacey Keltner
Reviewed by Rebecca DeWald TKR8-14


Mother of God: A History of the Virgin Mary Written by Miri Rubin
Reviewed by Monika Winiarczyk TKR8-15