Issue 5: Imagination and Innovation

Edited by Morgana McCabe and Victoria Woolner

For Issue 5 of The Kelvingrove Review, the editorial team struggled to choose from many wonderful books as the broad theme stimulated our own imaginations. We aimed to select books representing the role of innovation and imagination across a range of time periods, disciplines and groups. The six themed reviews range from early modern technological innovation to explorations of children's imaginative worlds. The issue also includes three non-themed reviews of recent scholarly works for your perusal. We hope that they inspire and inform your own scholarly enterprises. 

'The Bus' by Fiona Walker

The artwork for this issue of TKR, 'The Bus' by Fiona Walker, exemplifies the connection between imagination and innovation: the bus itself a technological innovation which has become an object of art which stimulates imaginations in the Glasgow Museum of Transport. We greatly appreciate Fiona allowing us to use her artwork.  Read her artist's statement here.
Articles are in PDF format. If you do not already have Adobe Reader on your computer, you can download it for free from


Themed Reviews.

Digital Technologies of the Self: Edited by Yasmine Abbas and Fred Dervlin.
Reviewed by David T. Macknet.    TKR5-1

Disciplines in the Making: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Elites, Learning and Innovation: By G.E.R. Lloyd.
Reviewed By Lucy Weir.  TKR5-2

Embodying an Image: Gender and Genre in a Selection of Children's responses to Picturebooks and Illustrated Texts: By Sarah Toomey.
Reviewed By Catriona McAra.  TKR5-3

Social Theory in the Twentieth Century and Beyond: By Patrick Baert and Filipe Carreira da Silva.
Reviewed By Mark West.  TKR5-4

Technology and the Early Modern Self: By Adam Max Cohen.
Reviewed By Siobhan Ramos.   TKR5-5

Non-Themed Reviews.

An (Un)Likely Alliance: Thinking Environment(s) with Deleuze/Guattari: Edited by Bernd Herzogenrath.
Reviewed By Sam Wiseman.    TKR5-6

Entertainment Industrialised: The Emergence of the Internationan Film Industry, 1890-1940: By Gerben Bakker.
Reviewed By María Antonia Vélez-Serna   TKR5-7

Friendship and Loss in the Victorian Portrait: May Sartoris by Frederic Leighton: By Malcolm Warner.
Reviewed By Victoria Helen Irvine.   TKR5-8

Slaves and Warriors in Early Medieval Britain and Ireland, 800-1200, by Dr David Wyatt.
Reviewed By Richard Marsden.    TKR5-9