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International Law & Security LLM

What our students say

What our students say

Charlotte Divin, France (2011-12)

Charlotte DivinWhy did you decide to study at the University of Glasgow?

I came to study at the University of Glasgow because it had a partnership with my French University. I had several choices in the UK but I chose the University of Glasgow specifically because its School of Law is one of the best in the country. Also coming from a French university system I was always curious as to how the UK system differed - I was not disappointed!

Why did you choose your programme of study?
I chose to study an LLM in International Law and Security because I was very interested in both legal and political issues, the LLM allowed me to further and broaden my knowledge in those areas. I particularly wanted to focus on International Public Law courses, such as International and European Human Rights Law or International Criminal Law.

What can you tell us about your experience studying at the School of Law?
I believe that I gained a lot of autonomy and confidence by studying at the School of Law. Something that I thought lacked from the French University system. I really enjoyed having access to the library until 2am, which allows for certain flexibility in studying and is great for late workers like me!

What did you like the most?
What I like the most in studying at Glasgow University was the constant feedback on any work that is handed in, it really helped me identify my weaknesses and improve my grades. I also really appreciated the availability of the lecturers and staff that were always very happy to answer all my questions.

How was your academic experience?
Academically, I think that my experience was very useful; working in little groups allows each and everyone to express themselves and to receive the full attention of the Professor. I particularly felt that I was listened to and in smaller groups it’s easier to create bonds within a class.

What support/facilities did you find most useful?
I definitely found the library really useful and its coffee machine even more! The gym is also a great place to relax after a hard day of studying or a night of partying!

What do you think of Glasgow, the city? How is it like to live here as a (international) student?
I had a wonderful time partying in Glasgow, in the West End particularly. As an international student I really enjoyed Glasgow's friendliness, it's very easy to meet new faces on a daily basis.

How do you feel your programme helped you with your career plans?
I think that graduating from an LLM in Glasgow has already been an asset for me; it increases the chances of employment as it demonstrates both good knowledge of English and the capability to adapt to a different environment.

What would you recommend to a potential student thinking of coming to the School of Law?
The University of Glasgow is a very good university that gives its students all the support it needs, the facilities are great and very accessible. I would recommend coming to the School of Law to anyone.

Tobias Croft, United Kingdom (2016-17)

'I would say that studying at the University of Glasgow has been great. The facilities and access to extracurricular activities is phenomenal. It is also interesting to have the variety of people from different ethnic backgrounds working side by side, giving completely different opinions and with them an entirely new learning experience.'

Amy Blessing, United Kingdom (2015-16)

'Studying at the University of Glasgow has given me the necessary direction and knowledge to start a career in the field of international law. The involvement of the professors has been invaluable as they continuously share their passion and knowledge with us. As well as being renowned academics, they have a wide range of practical experience which also helps put the programme into context. This programme has also been a fantastic opportunity to meet students from around the world with similar interests. Glasgow is also a fantastic city for students, with a wide range of activities outside the University. The School of Law has been excellent in hosting social events, allowing all the master students to socialise and properly integrate into student life.'

Yerzhan Dossymzhanov, Kazakhstan (2015-16)

'I am infinitely grateful for studying the LLM in International Law and Security at one of the top universities in the UK. I would like to highlight the main reasons why people must come here to study and my personal experience gained during my studies. First of all, it is unicity of the course which comprises many different subjects such as International Law and International Security, the Laws of Armed Conflict, International Criminal Law and others. I truly believe that this acquired knowledge of contemporary legal issues could help alumni to deal perfectly with posed tasks in building their future career. Secondly, it is worth mentioning the professionalism and high experience of the academic and postgraduate taught staff of the University of Glasgow, who are ready to address every inquiry which you might have. Lastly, the atmosphere of the university itself is incredible, where you can feel that long history of the university which reflects in every single aspect of university life, either while spending free time with your friends at the university events or while studying in seminars or at the library.'

Miruna Terciu, Romania (2015-16)

'There is nothing I do not love about the University of Glasgow. The LLM programme was the bridge from the unsure fresh graduate towards the confident job applicant. It not only improved my knowledge of law, but it opened new horizons and added a beautiful twist in my career choices. Moreover, the city has a taste of magic. I would proudly recommend it to anyone.'

Vongmonasekar Vuthy, Cambodia (2015-16)

'After my undergraduate studies in Australia, I decided to embark on a new journey on the other corner of the world. It did not take me long to realise that choosing the LLM programme at the University of Glasgow is one of my best life choices. Not only have I met many brilliant and supportive people, I also believe that my academic potential has been stretched and steered towards a better career path. Besides, Glasgow is only a few hours drive away from paradise on earth, the Scottish highlands. I will always be fond of my time here at the university and the memories it has left me with.'