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Intellectual Property & the Digital Economy LLM

What our students say

What our students say

Phak Aphiwatanakoon, Thailand (2017-18)

'Pursuing an LLM degree in Intellectual Property & the Digital Economy in the University of Glasgow was not a hesitation decision as I was aware of the reputation of this particular area of the University. The complex and contemporary legal issues in IP were risen to discuss international aspects from international students. I enjoyed the classes and was inspired. Besides the academic, the administrative staff of the School of Law were very active in helpfulness and support. For the city of Glasgow, there are many lively places around and near the University such as excellent pubs, live bands, exceptionally friendly locals to meet. Moreover, many various kinds of enjoyable foods are around the city to be discovered. Every place is quite close together surrounded with a good environment and park make me love to go outside. Studying and living in Glasgow would fulfil the enormous experience.'

Niklas Hufeld, Germany (2017-18)

'Doing an LLM at the University of Glasgow means so much more than just getting a Masters degree. It means learning about new law systems, fascinating cultures and great people. The University is full of international and open-minded people from all over the world who came to study and live in Glasgow. This is also reflected in the seminars and courses, which profit from lively discussions between professors and students from different cultures. Moreover, professors are always in close communication with their students and help them wherever they can. Regardless of which LLM you choose, the programme adapts to the cultural diversity of the students with legal comparison.

Besides the academic life, the University highly values communities and team spirit. Hundreds of clubs and societies offer sports, music, art and many other activities, giving everyone the chance to find new friends and feel welcome. Additional, academic and social events take place over the whole year to learn something new and different from your own studies. The University finds the right balance between high quality education and an exciting social life. It surpassed my expectations with its openness and collective spirit. When not enjoying your life on campus, you will find that Glasgow itself has plenty to offer as well. Being renowned for its music and sport events, pubs, restaurants, malls and parks, the city always shows you something new and gives you the chance to have an insight of the Glaswegian and Scottish culture. I highly recommend the LLM programme as well as the city and am happy and thankful to have had the chance to study and live in Glasgow!'

Conrado Machado, Brazil (2017-18)

'Studying the LLM in Intellectual Property & the Digital Economy at the University of Glasgow was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. As a Brazilian lawyer with experience mainly in criminal law and living in the city of Florianopolis, currently the most important technological hub of Brazil, I wanted to make a career shift in order to work with local startups and technology companies demanding legal solutions often not available in the more traditional market in Brazil.

For that reason, I searched for an LLM programme solid in theory but with an open perspective to the new realities that are challenging academics, lawmakers and lawyers, especially in the intellectual property field. However, I have found more than I expected at the University of Glasgow because besides the team of highly qualified lecturers, who are directly involved in pieces of research extremely influential on a UK and European level I could also get engaged in the activities of the Glasgow University Intellectual Property Society (GU-IPS) and establish rewarding connections with people from several parts of the world. Moreover, the activities developed by CREATe as well as the CopyrightX: Glasgow classes have, on top of giving me knowledge, instilled in me a genuine interest in academic research. To sum up, the journey on the LLM in Intellectual Property & the Digital Economy is challenging but extremely gratifying.'

Pavaree Pimpo, Thailand (2017-18)

'Studying at the University of Glasgow is one of the best experiences in my life. I enjoyed doing the LLM in Intellectual Property & the Digital Economy. The courses offered here are exciting and unique. Most importantly, they are organised by the best professors in the IP law field. In addition, Glasgow is a lovely city. People here are warm and welcoming, especially staff at the University who always support me during my studies. I am very proud and grateful to be a part of the University of Glasgow.'