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Intellectual Property & the Digital Economy LLM

What our students say

What our students say

Andreas Jauch, Germany (2011-12)

Andreas JauchWhy did you decide to study at the University of Glasgow?
After having finished my undergraduate law degree in Germany I always wanted to pursue further study for a year in the UK. A year before I started studying here, I attended an LLM fair in Germany were I met a Professor and a former LLM student from the University of Glasgow. Besides the very interesting programme, their insights about the city of Glasgow and Scotland influenced my decision a lot. Glasgow seemed to be a great, fun place to live – and in my opinion that should definitely influence ones opinion on where to spend a year. And after having lived here for a year, I absolutely agree.

Why did you choose your programme of study?
I decided to study the LLM in Intellectual Property and the Digital Economy because it is an exciting field of law. Especially the focus on the digital economy and relevant issues relating to the internet make this course so up to date. This focus distinguished it from other IP LLMs in the UK.

Also the fact that this particular LLM was taught in a very small group (less than ten students) made it very interesting and challenging for me since I was used to sitting in lectures of more than 100 students and no interaction between students and Professors whatsoever.

What can you tell us about your experience studying at the School of Law?
Everyone emphasises how friendly and helpful teaching as well as administrative staff is. And it is simply true. Whatever issues arise, the staff was always available to help out. Also, the School of Law has its own small library which allows students to study in a more familiar atmosphere than the huge University Library.

What did you like the most?
I highly appreciated the discussions that arose in some of the classes. I had the feeling that teachers and students were discussing on an equal level and that the Professor was not just lecturing “from above”. Also it was a lot of fun and culturally interesting to study with other students from around the world. Everyone’s input from their home countries made the seminars very multi-cultural and international. You do not only get an impression of the UK and European perspective, but also possibly the Indian, Chinese or Greek one. I also liked the variety of assignments. Depending on the course and its structure you were writing academic essays on a specific topic of your choice, problem-based exams or presentations.

How was your academic experience?
Most of all, I enjoyed the openness of the teaching staff. They were very approachable and helpful e.g. in finding a topic for the final masters’ thesis and discussing the progress. Also, especially in the IP LLM, I had the feeling that the Professors deliberately give you freedom to write and discuss about issues of one’s interest. It was not a strictly fixed schedule, but instead there was a lot of room to individually talk about contemporary issues of the student’s choice. Hence, I had the feeling that the students’ interests were appreciated and incorporated in the seminars. Throughout the year, the staff organised several meetings and discussions with practicing lawyers, guest speakers or other people in the IP business. We, the students, could get a broad insight into the field from a practical perspective.

What do you think of Glasgow, the city? How is it like to live here as a (international) student?
Glasgow is a fun place to live! People are in general very friendly (although sometimes very hard to understand due to the broad Glaswegian accent). So is the city. The University is located in the heart of the West End, where many restaurants, bars, pubs etc. are right around the corner. Also the city centre offers everything a student can ask for. Shopping, dining, clubbing… I personally lived in one of the University owned student accommodations in the city centre and had a great time meeting new friends from around the world.

One should keep in mind that the decision where to study an LLM should not only be based on the “hard facts” of what credentials a University provides and what programmes it offers etc. but it should also involve some thoughts about the city you will spend one year, since – fortunately – you will not spend all day every day in the library! And Glasgow scores on both these areas. On the one side it has a very beautiful, old campus with some impressive architecture, the classes are small and the staff are very motivated, and on the other side it has great parks and nightlife and the highlands are just a few miles away.

How do you feel your Programme helped you with your career plans?
The IP staff is eager in combining the academic and the practical side of IP law. They offer the possibility to get placements at Glaswegian law firms which allows you to get an insight from the practical point of view. Also, the University advertises and promotes career events of international law firms. In my case, the University established a contact with an international law firm in Germany which subsequently led to a job once I was back.

What would you recommend to a potential student thinking of coming to the School of Law?
Compare different LLM programmes particularly regarding their class and seminar sizes. In Glasgow, there are no more than 20-25 students in one seminar. With such small numbers, you get way more out of each seminar and you are more involved in discussions. Also, Glasgow is quite affordable. Tuition fees as well as living expenses are not as high as in other major cities in the UK.

Elise Dingli, Malta (2016-17)

'Glasgow definitely surpassed my expectations and in my opinion is the ideal place to pursue an LLM degree. Glasgow has a welcoming and friendly attitude towards any newcomer and this is equally true of the School of Law. The academic and administrative staff were always helpful and supportive. Although the programme specialised in IP, the professors are happy to revise general principles before discussing specific contemporary issues in more depth. I feel that the programme is very current and up to date with the practical realities in the field of intellectual property. The LLM is a great time to make many new friends from all over the world (from Mexico to India and anything in between). Glasgow is perfect for socialising and is an extremely student friendly city, especially the West End which is the hub of student activity. There are loads of pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants to make any evening entertaining. Living in the West End was great as everything was within walking distance. The weather was actually pretty good too, with some sunny days (even in winter) to walk in the park located five minutes away from the university. Living in Scotland and studying at the University of Glasgow was an unforgettable and fulfilling experience and I would highly recommend it!'

Samuel Kirsch, Germany (2016-17)

'Studying at the University of Glasgow is international. People from all over the world meet here. It was exciting and enriching to get to know so many different personalities, backgrounds, perspectives and motivations, and share the experience of working, learning, discussing, suffering from deadline pressure, and celebrating successes together. The LLM programme “Intellectual Property & the Digital Economy” deals with a rapidly developing area of law. What I enjoyed most about the programme was its openness to interdisciplinary approaches. The legal dimension was complemented by economic, cultural, sociological, and philosophical aspects. This contributes to a thorough understanding of intellectual property. Apart from studies, the University of Glasgow offers a wealth of opportunities to spend your spare time: a diverse sport activity programme, various clubs and societies. I personally had the chance to join the University of Glasgow Chapel Choir. It was a great pleasure to make music together with lovely people and attend several extra-curricular events on the academic calendar with them. The university is located in a stunning building, surrounded by Glasgow West End´s lovely green parks along the River Kelvin. Not only the West End though, Glasgow city in general is more than worth discovering as a vibrant place with lots of culture, impressive architecture, nice pubs, a great music scene and extraordinarily friendly people. I am grateful for having been given the opportunity to live and study here!'

Ally Farnhill, United Kingdom (2016-17)

'I chose this LLM because I have always been interested in art and design, and the chance to mix this interest with my love of law seemed like too good an opportunity to miss. I was also aware of the University of Glasgow’s reputation in the field, with the CREATe Centre for Copyright and New Business Models in the Creative Economy being based within the School of Law.  For someone with an interest in the creative industry, this LLM has been the perfect choice. It is broad in its outlook, offering a comparative study of intellectual property law across the UK, Europe and the US and it feels truly international in its scope. My particular area of interest is copyright, and both the Moral Rights and Copyright in the Digital Environment courses have given me an excellent grounding in the subject and, indeed, whetted my appetite to continue learning more. The fact that the University fosters links with other universities has meant I have been able to undertake an extra-curricular course in advanced US Copyright Law, run in conjunction with the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, at Harvard University. This has allowed me to deepen my knowledge of US Copyright Law, in a small discussion group setting, and is a great learning opportunity! As a mature student, I wanted to continue working and chose to study the programme on a part time basis. Of course, juggling work and studying can be tricky at times, but academic and administrative staff have always been supportive and helpful, encouraging me to persevere even when life gets in the way. I was pleased to discover I was not the only older student and have felt completely welcomed by my peers. There is a real sense of camaraderie, regardless of age. And as far as Glasgow goes….well, I am a local girl so a little biased but it really is the friendliest city I have lived in…and I have lived in lots of cities!'