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What our students say

What our students say

Catherine Zeimen, 2015-16

Catherine Zeiman, a student on the Criminology MREs 2016'The main reason for me to chose the University of Glasgow was because the MRes Criminology course was exactly what I've been looking for. Especially when considering that my main focus was rehabilitation. I had a few universities between which I wanted to chose, and eventually Glasgow won. I previously studied in criminology in Stirling for 4 years, which is another reason for me to chose to continue my studies in Scotland, but at the same time get a new perspective in a different and bigger city such as Glasgow. 

But other than the course, I was really interested in the city itself since I've heard many times that it would be the perfect place to study criminology - usually mentioned in relation to knife crime. At least that's what I was told by many, many taxi drivers in Glasgow, and former teachers as well.

Now that I'm here I can only confirm that it definitively was the right choice, at least it was for me. The course is great and the people teaching it as well as my fellow students are amazing people, whom I am grateful to know and spend time with. Furthermore, Glasgow is a great city to be a student in. It has so many things that are worth exploring such as free museums and art galleries, great food (especially vegan food) and great nightlife. 

Considering the MRes Criminology course, I can only recommend it to anyone interested in the field. It gives you great insight into the theories behind crime as well as a grasp on the main research methods that are used. I think it is a good course that gave me the desirable skills necessary to find a good job once I graduate.'