First aid support and general emergencies

Security provide the first point of contact for any personal emergency support on campus. They can provide first aid support and contact with the emergency services and can be contacted by either:

  • Safezone app emergency button (if you have a registered copy of the App)
  • Emergency phone numbers

Gilmorehill Campus 0141 330 4444

Garscube campus  0141 330 2222

We recommend that information on how to get first aid support in an emergency is displayed locally within each building.  The template below can be used to do this, although other methods are also acceptable.  This document should be edited as required to reflect local arrangements.

First aid notice board sign 

See also the University's main Crisis Support Webpage.

Here is the Security team's website. 

Assisted Evacuation

The University has practical arrangements in place to help staff, students and visitors who can't use stairs unaided to leave our buildings in the event of an emergency. Security provide this assistance and are available 24/7.

In an emergency, you should travel to one of the identifed Temporary Waiting Spaces/Refuges within the building. These are usually located in the building stairways. You should contact Security by using either the Voice Communications System in the Temporary Waiting Space (where fitted) or by using SafeZone or phone as indicated about.

Our standard evacuation arrangements involve use of an evacuation chair. If you can't use this, or can't self-transfer into a chair, other arrangements may be needed. You should discuss your need for a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan with your College, School or Service. So far as is possible, suitable measures will be developed and agreed in conjunction with Security.  

SEPS recommend that visitors who could not use an evacuation chair contact Security on arrival so that enhanced support arrangements can be put in place.

A more detailed explanation of the procedures around preparation of PEEPS and assisted evactuation can be viewed at the Quicklink provided.