‌‌‌‎The following forms are provided for use by schools.

Incident Reporting Form

Incident Reporting (This link will take you to online webform options.)

General Risk Assessment

General Risk Assessment Template (rev 06/22)

Risk Assessment Action Plan Template

Topic-specific Risk Assessment 


Manual Handling Assessment Checklist‌‎‎‌‎‌‌‎

Computer Workstation Assessment

New and Expectant Mothers - Risk Assessment Template (V1.0 Jan 2021)

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan

Work Experience Risk Assessment

Travel and fieldwork

Fieldwork/Project Risk Assessment Template (v.2.2)

Student Placement Risk Assessment Template (v1.0)

Generic Low Risk Travel Risk Assessment (Issue 2.0)

Trip-specific Travel Risk Assessment template (Issue 2.0)


CoSHH Assessment

DSEAR Assessment


Biological COSHH risk assessment form

Pathogen and toxin registration form

GM risk assessment form 1 - GM microorganisms and animal cells excluding viruses

GM risk assessment form 2 - GM human and animal viruses and viral vectors

GM risk assessment form 3 - GM plant viruses

GM risk assessment form 4 - GM plants

GM risk assessment form 5 - GM animals

Waste and environmental

Chemical Waste Collection Form (HP Codes)‌‌‌‌‌

Chemical Waste Unknown Substance Form‌‎‎‎‎‎‎‌‎‌‌‎

WEEE disposal request form

Equipment decontamination checklist

Equipment Safe for Disposal Label

Biological waste quotation form

F-gas Record of Work Form


PGR Training Record