Report an incident

‌All work-related accidents involving injury or damage to property MUST be reported to the Safety and Environmental Service. This system should also be used to report significant "near-miss" incidents. If possible, serious incidents should be reported by telephone in the first instance. 

Telephone 0141 330 5532 (or see Contacts page.)

Incident Reports should be submitted to SEPS using the webform below or if that is not possible, then the printable version of the form can be used.

We aim to handle all data in accordance with data protection legal requirements. Information on our data handling policy can be viewed here: SEPS Privacy Notice

Report using a webform - Incident Report Webform

Report using a printable form - Incident Report Form (Microsoft Word)

So that legal time limits for reporting relevant incidents to the Health and Safety Executive are not exceeded, don't delay sending an initial report while waiting for additional information or investigating the incident - that information can be supplied later when it is available.

Please make sure that you have also reported the incident within your own department either to your line manager or via the local reporting system. The webform allows email addresses to be provided for this purpose. 

The printable report form can be sent to us either in a paper or electronic format. The postal and email address is on the form.  

Note that SEPS will not action repairs via this system and you should also submit a Works Request to Estates and Buildings if remedial work is required.