Visa registration

Visa registration

The University is required by law to check the the immigration status of all students with non-EEA/Swiss nationality. Only those with valid immigration permission that permits study in the UK able to commence their programme.

At Visa Registration, you must present your passport and evidence of your UK immigration permission. This permission may be in the form of a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) or may be a vignette or stamp inside your passport.

If you do not have your passport and/or BRP because they are with UKVI as part of an ongoing visa application, please see "Evidence of a visa application" below, for details of what you must provide.

You can collect your Campus Card and begin your studies after you have completed this and all other parts of the registration process.



Visa Registration, September 2019

Visa Registration and BRP collection* for students commencing their programme of study in the 2019/20 academic year will start on Tuesday 10 September and will take place at the following location, dates and times:

Tuesday 10 September – Friday 13 September09:00-17:00: Hunter Hall East, Main Building (A14 on the Campus Map)

Monday 16 September – Friday 20 September, 09:00-17:00: Hunter Hall East, Main Building (A14 on the Campus Map)

From Monday 23 September: 09:00-16:30: McMillan Reading Room (E1 on the Campus Map)

  • If you are collecting your BRP from us, please book a time for collection on MyGlasgow (you will receive the link for booking via email after we receive your BRP).
  • If you have already collected your BRP from elsewhere, please bring your passport and BRP.
  • If you do not have a BRP (e.g. if you are here for only one semester), please bring your passport containing your visa (this may be in the form of an entry stamp or a full vignette/sticker).
  • If you have immigration permission in a non-student category, please bring your passport/travel document and your BRP or other immigration status document. If you are not sure what to bring as proof of your immigration status, please email us.
  • If you do not have your passport and/or BRP because you are awaiting the outcome of a visa application, please see below ("Evidence of a visa application") for information on what you can provide to complete Visa Registration.

*If you need to collect your BRP from us before Tuesday 10 September, you can do this at the Student Services Enquiry Desk, Level 2, Fraser Building. Please note this is for BRP collection only. If you are collecting your BRP from a different location or if you do not have a BRP, you can only register your visa with us from 10th September onwards.

Please note that BRP collection is not available on Monday 9 September.

Evidence of a visa application

If you have applied to extend your Tier 4 visa and your passport and/or other documents are with the Home Office, you can still register if you provide the documents specified below. What you need to provide will depend on if you previously studied at the University of Glasgow or at a different institution.

If you are starting a new course of study following completion of another course at the University of Glasgow (including EAS pre-sessional)

You will be able to complete visa registration by providing a copy of your Document Checklist. This is the pdf you downloaded from your online application at the time of submission. You can commence your studies while your visa application is in progress and you will need to bring your new BRP to the Student Services Enquiry Desk on Level 2 of the Fraser Building after you receive it.

If your visa is still valid from your previous course and you have not yet submitted your new visa application, you are permitted to commence your new course on this visa, but remember that you must submit your application within 6 weeks of commencing your new course, or before your existing visa expires - whichever is earlier.

If you are starting a new course of study following completion of a course at GIC or any other college/university

You will be able to complete visa registration by providing two things:

1.   A copy of your passport and most recent visa AND
2.   A copy of your Document Checklist

These must show that you have submitted your application in-time (i.e before the expiry of your most recent visa).  If you have made an out of time application, you will not be able to complete registration or commence your studies.

Please remember that you cannot complete registration or commence your studies if you hold a Tier 4 visa with a different insititution's sponsor licence number and you have not yet submitted your Tier 4 application for the University of Glasgow.

Non-Tier 4 visas:
If you have made a visa application in a non-Tier 4 category, you will need to provide proof of a valid in-time application. This can be the Document Checklist if the application was submitted online, or posting receipts/UKVI acknowledgement letters etc. You will also need to provide a copy of your passport and most recent visa.

If you cannot show that you have made an in-time application, we may be able to request a check on your status with UKVI, however this will delay your registration and commencement of your studies.

Nationals of Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea & USA

If you are a national of one of the above countries, you may be offered use of the electronic e-gates when passing through UK immigration, instead of having to present your passport to a Border Force Officer.

If you do not have a visa prior to travelling (e.g. if you plan to come to Glasgow for one semester as a Short-term Student), you must not use the e-gates, as they will not grant you the correct immigration permission for study in the UK (they are only suitable for standard visitors/tourists). You must ensure that you see a Border Force Officer in person and present your unconditional offer letter and any other relevant documents so that they can give you permission to enter the UK as a Short-term Student.

If you had already obtained your visa prior to travelling, you are free to use the e-gates. Please be aware that you won't receive any stamp in your passport and you will need to give us a copy of your flight details (boarding pass or e-ticket) when you complete Visa Registration.

For more information on e-gates, see International Student Support's webpages.

Dumfries Campus

Students studying at the School of Interdisciplinary Studies in Dumfries should refer to its webpages or contact school staff there to confirm where and when Visa Registration takes place.