Graduate Visa

Graduate Visa

What is the Graduate Visa?

The Graduate Visa allows students who have successfully completed their degree programme at UofG on a Student Visa or Tier 4 visa to obtain a visa to work in the UK after their studies.

On this page you can read information about what the University will report to the UK government to confirm you have completed your studies. You can find more general information about eligibility and requirements for the visa on the International Student Support Team's webpages.

What does UofG need to report to UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI)?

Before you can submit your Graduate Visa application, the University has to inform UKVI that you have successfully completed your degree programme.

When will UofG Report this to UKVI?

After your school exam board meets and confirms your final award and degree classification, your school will update your MyCampus record to show you have qualified with your degree qualification. Your school will usually also confirm this by email to you after they do this.

After your degree award is confirmed by your school, the Immigration Compliance Team will report your successful completion to UKVI. This may take up to one week. We will send an email to you confirming that UKVI has been notified.

You should wait until after you receive the email from us before submitting your visa application. Applying for the visa before receiving the email may result in your visa being refused. If you are concerned that your current visa may expire before you need to submit the application, please see the information on the International Student Support Team's webpage or contact them for advice.

What if I have received notification of my award from my school, but haven't heard anything from the Immigration Compliance Team?

We may not have reported your completion to UKVI becuase you are not eligible, for example if:

  • You didn't study your programme in-person in the UK with a Student Visa/Tier 4 visa (although it's okay if you had short periods of approved absence or placements/study abroad periods)
  • You have been awarded a postgraduate diploma/postgraduate certificate (only the ones listed on UKVI's webpage are eligible)
  • Your visa has expired or we don't have a copy of your current visa on our records.

If you don't think any of these points apply to you but still haven't heard from us, please contact us at