Tier 4 check-ins

Your status at the University of Glasgow will be monitored at two re-registration check-ins during the academic year. This is in addition to attendance/engagement on your programme of study, which is monitored by your school or college.

Why is this necessary?

To remain compliant with the UK immigration rules for Tier 4 sponsors, the University is required to undertake two checkpoints during any rolling 12 month period, at which time the attendance of all Tier 4-sponsored students is recorded. The Check-ins always take place at the start of each semester. We also use Check-ins to record any changes to your visa information and/or contact details (it is a legal requirement for universities to keep this information updated and on record).

At the Check-in, you will need to present your passport, BRP (if you have one) and Campus Card.

If you do not have your passport or BRP, you will still attend the check-in, showing documentation proving why you do not have them. For example, if you have submitted them with a visa application, bring evidence of submission of your application (eg. posting receipt/document checklist) and/or any correspondence you have received from UKVI in conjunction with the application.

The 2018/19 check-in schedule is:

 Returning Students*All Tier 4 StudentsPGT Students Only
October 2019 X    
January 2020   X  
June 2020     X

* Returning = students returning for the next year of their programme

Tier 4 Check-in 1, October 2019 (Returning students*)

Main Campus McMillan Reading Room Monday 30 September - Friday 11 October 0900 - 1630
Dumfries Campus

School Office, Rutherford/McCowan Building

Monday 7 October - Friday 11 October 1000 - 1600
Dental School School Office, Level 5 Monday 7 October - Friday 11 October 1000 - 1600
Garscube Campus Dumgoyne Room, Level 2, McCall Building Wednesday 9 October 0930 to 1300
SUERC Administration Office Monday 7 October - Friday 11 October Confirm with your supervisor

Returning = Students returning for the next year of their programme, not starting a new programme

Please note that students attending at a location away from the Main Campus can only attend if they are usually based there; e.g. only Dental students can check-in at the Dental School. However, any student can check in at the Main Campus, even if they usually study at a location other than the Main Campus.

Tier 4 Check-in 2, January 2020 (all students)

Dates to be confirmed.

Tier 4 Check-in 3, June 2020 (PGT students only)

Dates to be confirmed.


If you cannot attend:

If you are undertaking study away from the University, or are on an approved absence from your studies, you will be asked to provide further details on this in response to the official notification email you receive about the Check-in. We will verify this absence with your school/college and you will be excused from attending the Check-in.

If you do not attend:

If you do not have valid reason for not-attending during the check-in period, or Registry cannot verify your reason, you will be marked as absent and your school/college will be notified.

Your attendance at previous Check-ins, as well as your general engagement/attendance on your programme of study will be assessed to determine:

  • whether you are still present and engaged with you studies,
  • if you still have valid permission to study in the UK, or
  • whether you should be withdrawn from your program of study.

If you are withdrawn, the University is required to notify UK Visas & Immigration who will curtail your Tier 4 visa.