Biometric Residence Permits (BRPs)

What is a BRP?

A Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) is your Student visa in the form of an identity card which contains your biometric data and shows your facial image. If you are a national of a country not part of the EEA or Switzerland, and coming to the UK on a Student visa exceeding 6 months, and you applied for your visa from outside the UK, your visa will be issued in this format.

If you successfully extend your Student visa inside the UK, you will also receive a BRP, regardless of the length of visa.

If you are a national of the EEA or Switzerland, you will not receive a BRP. Your visa will be issued digitally.

If you applied for your visa outside the UK

If you make a successful Student visa application, you will receive:

  • An Entry Clearance vignette/sticker inside your passport (with a duration of 30 or 90 days)
  • A 'Decision Letter' advising that your application was successful, and the location and date from where/when you'll need to collect your BRP once in the UK

You then enter the UK within the validity of your 30 or 90-day Entry Clearance vignette/sticker, and then collect your BRP before your vignette expiry date, or within 10 days of arrival in the UK (whichever is later). The only exception to this rule is where you are self-isolating/quarantining in a hotel during the COVID-19 pandemic and are unable to come to our campus to collect. The BRP will show the full length and conditions of your Student visa.

You must not attempt to enter the UK before the start date of your entry clearance visa. Please check this very carefully before booking travel and make sure you enter the UK within the 30 or 90-day window permitted.

Collecting your BRP from the University

If you entered our ACL code (2HE499) into your visa application form, you will be collecting your BRP from the University of Glasgow's Main Campus.

Student Visas After we receive your BRP, we will email you with instructions on booking a time to collect it.

Skilled Workers, Academic Visitors, Dependants and other categories

Please email with your name and your your preferred booking date (please specify the date you wish to collect between Monday-Friday and whether you would like to collect in the morning or afternoon). We will respond to you with confirmation of your appointment.

 Please be aware of the following:

  • If you have dependants included in your Student visa application, your dependants can collect their BRPs from the University as well. Please note that each of your dependants (including children and babies) must be in attendance with their passport for their BRP(s) to be issued. If you and your dependants are collecting at the same time, only one appointment is required. If your dependants are collecting on their own, they will need to arrange an appointment (see box above).
  • If you are under 18 years of age at the time of collecting your BRP, it is strongly advised that you choose to collect your BRP from the University. If collecting from the Post Office, you need to be accompanied by a Responsible Adult who requires pre-approval from UKVI (even if they are your parent or legal guardian). This approval can take around 5 working days. If you collect from the University, a Responsible Adult is not required.
  • If you are studying in Dumfries, BRPs cannot be collected from the Dumfries campus or from any Post Office in Dumfries. If you enter the ACL code into your visa application, you will need to collect from the University's Main Campus. If collecting from the Post Office, currently the nearest one that offers BRP collection is in Carlisle.

Collecting your BRP from the Post Office

If you did not enter the University's ACL code into your visa application form, you will need to collect from the Post Office (your decision letter will specify the correct Post Office branch, based on the residential address you entered into your visa application form).  Remember to bring your passport and Decision Letter when collecting. You must collect your BRP prior to completing Visa Registration.

Student visas (applied for from outside the UK) lasting 6 months or less

You will not receive a BRP. Your entire visa duration and conditions should be printed as a vignette inside your passport.

If you applied for your visa inside the UK

You do not need to collect a BRP. It will be sent by courier to the address you entered on your application form.