For Staff: Student Finance

Financial Aid

The Student Financial Aid Team are responsible for the management and administration of approximately £37 million of funds each year that are provided to University of Glasgow students from a variety of sources including the UK Government and United States Department of Education.  Student Financial Aid is a small team comprising of five members of staff working a mixture of full-time, part-time and term-time hours within the University of Glasgow Registry.

As well as administering the funds detailed below the team also manage the weekly and monthly BACS run processes, which facilitates payments to funded students via the MyCampus system.  A typical monthly BACS run provides over £1.5 million of funding to University of Glasgow students.

The funds available via the Financial Aid Team are intended to benefit as many of our eligible students as possible and allow them to complete their studies at the University of Glasgow.  In academic session 2018/19, the Financial Aid team organised the provision of financial support and funding to over 4,000 students.

Historical Hardship Fund and Discretionary Fund figures.

Stipend & Scholarship Payments

Financial Aid Administrators in Colleges, Schools/Research Institutes and other Services are responsible for entering details of awards made to students into the Financial Aid module in MyCampus.

The Registry Financial Aid team then make payments to student bank accounts as scheduled in MyCampus through the weekly BACS run.

Financial Aid Processing

The BACS run normally takes place every Monday and payments should normally reach bank accounts on Friday (may vary due to bank holidays, please refer to processing calendar for details).

In order to ensure that payments are included in the BACS run Financial Aid Administrators should complete the awarding of financial aid on MyCampus by 5pm on Friday.

Financial aid not processed on MyCampus by this time will not be included in the BACS run during the following week.

Financial Aid Administrators should refrain from awarding financial aid in MyCampus until 1pm on Mondays in order to allow the BACS run to be completed.

Download: Financial Aid Processing Calendar (.pdf)‌

Paying Tuition Fees

The Waiver system on MyCampus can only be used to reduce current and future year tuition fees.  Any fee reductions for prior years  must be processed via Financial Aid.

Most Financial Aid item types previously used to clear tuition fees were deactivated upon implementation of the Waiver system at the start of 2017/18.  If you identify an old item type which you now require to clear prior year fees, please request this via UofG Helpdesk request.  Item types used in previous years can be found by running MyCampus query “UOG_FA_AWARD_TEMPLATE_PROJ”, which will prompt you to enter the appropriate sub-project details.

If you need to request a new item type in order to clear prior year tuition fees, please select “Prior-Year Fees” from the drop-down menu on the “Non-Standard Fees” section of the item Item Type Request Form.

The Tuition Fee Processing Guide illustrates how fees should be cleared on MyCampus depending on year, student status etc.

‌Discount Policy

Following implementation of the Discount/Waiver functionality on MyCampus, the University of Glasgow has introduced a Discount Policy for non-standard fees.

Financial Aid Item Types

Financial aid award values may vary (probably increase) from year to year. Financial Aid Administrators should ensure that they check their item type value limits before the start of every academic year.

Where maximum award values will exceed item type value limits they should submit a  request to the Accounts Receivable Team, to raise the per student limits for the item types affected.

Requests for new item types should be submitted via  request to the MyCampus Accounts Receivable team.  Item type request forms will only be accepted if the relevant sub-project budget holder has signed the request form.