Timetables and Important Dates

Summer 2020 - In light of the Covid-19 situation, the main campus and Dumfries campus ceremonies will no longer take place.  Instead, degrees will be awarded in-absentia (students will still need to enrol between 6th April and 11th May).  We hope to post degree parchments in July.  We will be holding graduation celebratory events at some point in the future.

Winter 2020 graduation ceremony timetable

Graduation Dates and Deadlines 2020


Staff Assistance at Graduation Ceremonies

Every year, staff have the opportunity to be involved with our graduation ceremonies and most staff find this an enjoyable and rewarding experience.  We normally ask for volunteers to act in the capacity of Graduation Ceremony Stewards and Ceremony Marshals around 8 weeks prior to our ceremonies commencing.  Graduation Stewards mainly assist with the seating of guests in Bute Hall before the ceremony, whilst Ceremony Marshals provide support before and during the ceremony.  Full training is provided for both roles.  We appreciate that staff are already busy and you can assist with as many (or as few) ceremonies as you are able.  If you would like to volunteer or have a chat about assisting at our ceremonies, please contact the Graduation Team at graduation@glasgow.ac.uk

Graduation Ceremony Tickets

On occasion, we may have tickets available for staff who wish to attend a graduation ceremony.  We cannot guarantee that there will be tickets available as we are restricted by the capacity of Bute Hall.  However, if you would like to apply for tickets, contact us at graduation@glasgow.ac.uk.  Please include your full name and the date and time of the ceremony that you would like to attend in your email.

Please make sure that you contact us before the end of May for summer ceremonies and the end of October for winter ceremonies.

Academic Robe Hire and Processions

Gowns can be hired for staff wishing to take part in Graduations Processions using the Ede & Ravenscroft online staff gown ordering system. For an account to be set up please email Staffgowns@glasgow.ac.uk.

Staff wishing to take part in academic processions for graduations should arrive at the Hunterian Museum 15 mins prior to the start of the ceremony. All staff members are welcome to attend and you should ensure that you are wearing a gown.