Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs)

The University of Glasgow subscribes to CrossRef and Datacite and can produce persistent identifiers called Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for items published by the University, including reports, working papers, datasets. These should normally have an author affiliated with the University or acknowledge funding held at the University. If your item is not suitable for a University of Glasgow DOI, we can help you to identify an appropriate DOI provider.

We can also provide DOIs for journals and journal articles published through our Glasgow Open Journals service.

Items published by third parties will typically be given a DOI by their publisher. 

If you require a DOI for a dataset, please contact More information about the Enlighten: Research Data repository and DOIs can be found on our Research Data Management pages. 

If you require a DOI for any other item, please contact 

If you need an ISBN for a book published under the Glasgow University Press imprint, visit the Press’s About Page.

If you need an ISSN for a journal or serial publication, these are provided by the International Centre for the Registration of Serial Number Publications at