Acknowledgement of funder

All papers should include acknowledgement of past or present grants or studentships with their official funder reference number. This should be in the format: 'This work was supported by [Funder] [grant number XXX].' 

If you wish to mention other funding that did not underpin the research be sure to make it clear which funding did underpin the research and why you are mentioning the other funding.  Some publishers provide both a funding section and an acknowledgements section.

If you do not know the official funder award reference number, please ask your local research administration or 

A list of standard names for major UK research funders is available on the Crossref Funders Registry page. 

Where research is not funded by any specific project grant, the suggested text is: 'This research received no specific grant from any funding agency in the public, commercial or not-for-profit sectors.' 

If you are editing a collection of papers or proceedings, please note: 

  1. funders will cover eligible open access charges where the funding supported the research described in a publication and the award is acknowledged in the paper. 
  2. editors should distinguish between funding that applies to the creation of the whole collection and the funding underpinning each individual article. The latter should be quoted in each article, as relevant. Do not add a standard acknowledgement to all articles in an edited collection unless it can be evidenced that the funding specifically supported the research in each article. 
  3. editors should satisfy themselves that the funding source(s) quoted in articles on which the funder(s) are not an author supported the research that is reported. 
  4. do not acknowledge funding on an article where it cannot be evidenced that the award supported the research described in the article. It is especially important that funders are accurately associated with the research that they supported, because where queries or concerns are raised about the content of articles, funders may need to be notified.