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Full text of articles that acknowledged Bloodwise, British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Parkinson’s UK, Versus Arthritis and Wellcome Trust must be deposited and freely available in Europe PMC within 6 months of publication.   Biomedical articles funded by UKRI must also be deposited in Europe PMC within 6 months.  This is typically, but not only, articles funded by The Medical Research Council or sometimes The Biotechnology and Biosciences Research Council. A full list of Europe PMC funders can be found at

Where an open access fee is paid from the above, the journal should deposit the final version of the article on behalf of the author. For articles where we are not paying the open access fee from the funders open access fund (but that do acknowledge funds from the funder), authors must self-deposit their final accepted version of the manuscript to Europe PubMed Central within 6 months of final publication.

When you deposit to Europe PMC you should ultimately recieve a PMCID for the final referenced article.

This should not be confused with a PMID which does not necessarily indicate compliance with funder's policies as it is a metadata reference and the record may not contain the full text of the article.  The full text can arrive in PubMed Central later than the metadata if the publisher is depositing.  This may be because it is under embargo, or is just submitted late by a publisher.

The PMCID indicates that the full text is available.

It can take a few weeks for text of publications that authors submit via Europe PMC to be processed, approved, and pubished on PubMed Central with the PMCID.

Further details on how to deposit to Europe PMC can be found:

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