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Student Enrolment‌

Download PDF guide for - Enrolling students on Moodle courses

There are a number of ways to enrol students on your Moodle courses, the method you use will depend on how your course is taught and the course codes you wish to enrol. This document will take you through the various enrolment methods.

Method 1 - Automatic enrolment via course settings

‌‌Automatic enrolment is the easiest way to ensure students are enrolled on Moodle 2 courses. This requires the course short name to be the same as the course code on MyCampus and the Course Catalogue. This automatically enrols anyone attached to the course on MyCampus. This setup would usually be performed when setting up the course for the first time on Moodle.


  1. Click on Gear icon > Edit settings ‌
  2. In Course short name enter the course id from the Course Catalogue
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click SaveUpdate & Approve

Method 2 – Using multiple course codes

 Click on Gear Icon > MoreUsers > Enrolments Methods > UofG Enrolment database.                                        ‌

  1. Choose the appropriate settings:


Enable existing enrolments                                                                                                                                     ‌

Yes – All current users are still able to access the course.
No - If disabled all existing gudatabase enrolments are suspended and only the users being added are allowed access.                                           

Enable codes in course settings:
Yes – Also processes any valid codes found in this course's shortname or idnumber fields.
No – Ignores any codes found in this course's shortname or idnumber fields.

Default role:
Allows you to which Moodle role will be assigned to the users enrolled via the UofG enrolment database.

Default enrolment period:
Allows you to set how long a student will be enrolled on the course.

Enrol End Date:
If enabled, users will be unenrolled (or their role changed) after this date/time.

Action after period:  
After period expires (if set)

  1. Once you have chosen the appropriate settings click Save changes.

Enrolling additional course codes using the UofG Enrolment database

  1. Scroll down and click the auto enrolement course codes
  2. In More codes (one per line) enter the relevant course codes for the students you wish to enrol. Entering multiple course codes on separate lines will enrol multiple courses of students onto the Moodle course. 
  3. Click Save changes

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