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Assignment: Setting Up

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Moodle Assignment is an activity which allows students to submit electronic copies of their assignments to Moodle. Moodle Assignment accepts any file type. PDFs are also able to be annotated within Moodle Assignment.


Assignment can be used for any class where electronic submission is needed. It also allows staff to provide grades and feedback comments on submissions. Staff can either grade online or download copies for marking offline. If students submit their assignments as a PDF, staff can add comments to this within Moodle. If marking is done electronically offline, then graded files can then be uploaded back to Moodle where students can access grades and feedback, if given. Assignment can also be used for individual students to submit assignments on behalf of a group. Individual submissions are visible to all staff enrolled in a course, but not to other students; group submissions are visible to all staff enrolled in a course and other members of their group.

Setting up an assignment

It is important that each Moodle assignment is setup individually. Assignments should not be copied or duplicated within Moodle courses.


  1. Go to front page of your course, click the Gear icon. ‌
  2. Click Turn editing on.  ‌
  3. Choose the topic area where you wish to add the Assignment and click Add an activity or resource to open the Activity chooser.
  4. Choose Assignment from the Activity chooser and click Add. You will be taken to the Assignment settings screen.
  5. In Name and add the name of the assignment.
  6. In Description enter a description of the assignment.
    This will be displayed on the Assignment page. It can also be displayed on the course page by ticking the Display description on course page box.
  7. In Availability select the dates you wish Assignment to be available by using the drop-down menus.
    If you wish to prevent students from submitting (without an extension), you will need to  set a Cut-off date.
  8. In submission types choose how you would like students to submit their assignments.

    Online text 
    - students are able to type text directly into a text box for their submission.
    File submissions - students are able to upload one or more files as their submission.

  9. In Feedback typesselect the feedback types you wish to use.

    Feedback comments 
    enables a Feedback comments column in the grading table (see “Moodle Assignment: marking online” for a full description).
    Feedback files allows markers to upload files containing feedback for students (see “Moodle Assignment: marking online” for a full description).
    Offline grading worksheet enables the grading list to be downloaded as a spreadsheet which staff can use to add grades and/or feedback comments off line and upload it when complete (see “Moodle Assignment: marking online” for a full description). 

  10. Select the required Submission settings.

    Require students click submit button
     – If set to Yes students can submit as many draft versions as they want until they are happy with their submission, when they need to click submit. If this is set to No then the latest version submitted at the due date becomes the final submission.
    Require that students accept the submission statement should be set to Yes if students need to accept the Senate Office Declaration of Originality. This will then appear automatically when students are submitting their assignments, you do not need to do anything else.

Group submissions

If you are running a group project it is now possible to set up an assignment where the group submission only needs to be added by one group member.

  1. In the Students submit in groups choose Yes from the drop-down menu.
  2. In Notificationsyou can choose various notification settings.
    The Default setting for “Notify students” allows you to notify students when your assignment feedback has been posted.
  3. In Grade Type select the appropriate setting from the drop-down menu.

    If you would like to use the University of Glasgow 22 point scale, select Scale from the Grade Type drop down list and then UofG Senate 22 Point Scale from the Scale drop down list.
    If you wish to mark numerically, select Point and enter the number to mark out of into Maximum points.

  4. If anonymous marking is required choose Yes in the Blind marking drop-down menu.
  5. When you are happy all of the assignment settings click Save and return to course at the bottom of the page.

Creative Commons License
This Moodle guide was created by LEADS and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.