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Adding a folder

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Adding a folder containing files to Moodle


This allows you to add a folder to a topic. Folders can contain multiple files and are a good way to group files together and is also useful for keeping topics tidier and assisting usability.

Adding a folder and populating it



  1. Go to front page of your course, click the Gear icon at top right of the screen. ‌
  2. Scroll down and Turn editing on.
  3. Go to the topic area that you want add the folder rto and click the Add an activity or resource link.
  4. Choose Folder from the activity chooser pop up list.
  5. In the Name enter the name of your folder.
  6. In Description field enter a short description of your book.
    The description can be displayed on the course page by ticking the that Display description on course page box.
  7. Drag and drop files that you want to include in to the ‘Files’ box in the content section.
  8. Scroll down and click Save and return to course at the bottom of the page.


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