Applying for a Student visa inside the UK

You can apply for a Student visa inside the UK if you meet the UKVI's eligibility requirements to do so.

Eligibility to apply for a Student visa inside the UK

You can apply for a Student visa in the UK if you meet the UKVI's eligibility requirements, and:

  • Currently hold a valid Tier 4 visa, or
  • Currently hold a valid Student visa, or
  • Hold a valid visa for a category that UKVI permit to "switch" into the Student visa route

The course start date stated on your CAS must be either before your current visa expires, or, within the 28 days after your current visa expires.

Student and Tier 4 visa holders

You must also meet the UKVI's academic progression requirement, or, be exempt from showing academic progession.

If you hold another type of visa

UKVI say you cannot apply in the UK to "switch" to a Student visa if you have one of the following:

  • a visit visa
  • a short-term student visa
  • a Parent of a Child Student visa
  • a seasonal worker visa
  • a domestic worker in a private household visa
  • leave outside the immigration rules

When and how to apply

You can apply for your Student visa:

  • within the 3 months before your current visa expiry date
  • once you have the CAS and have prepared all required documents for your visa application
  • before your current visa expires

You must apply (submit the online Student visa application form) before your current visa expiry date.

Tier 4 or Student visa holders

  • Download the IDV app (or click on "I do not have a phone that can use the app" to apply via a UKVCAS centre).  See the link below.
  • Complete the online Student visa application form for use inside the UK.

If you hold another type of eligible visa to apply in the UK

Application process

Once you have submitted the visa application form you will need to:

  • Download your Document Checklist - show this at Visa Registration or Check-in
  • Download a copy of your completed visa application form
  • Create a log-in for the UKVCAS appointment website
  • Give your fingerprints and a photograph (biometric information) at a UK Visa and Citizenship Application Services (UKVCAS) service point, or
  • If you have applied for a visa inside the UK before, use the ‘UK Immigration: ID Check’ app to scan your identity document 

Once you have undertaken the steps above the UKVI will process your visa application.  Once a decision has been made on your visa application you will receive a decision e-mail from UKVI. 

You can expect to receive your BRP usually within 7-10 working days after receiving the decision e-mail.  

Please see the ISS Submit Guide for details.

ISS Prepare-Complete-Submit guides to applying for a Student visa inside the UK

The Prepare-Complete-Submit guides have been made to offer you in-depth support to assist you with preparing to make your Student visa application inside the UK at each stage of the process.

When applying for a Student visa in the UK, you will need to download and use the IDV app, or, if your phone is not compatible, select the option in blue " do not have a phone that can use the app" and apply via a UKVCAS centre.

PREPARE to make your visa application and gather the documents required‌

Supporting Documents Prepare guides for your Student visa application:


COMPLETE your visa application

SUBMIT your visa application form and documents (including information on the evidence required for Visa Registration and what to do when you get your new visa)

ISS Video Guide

See our useful video guide to applying for a Student visa inside the UK as below.  


Please see the "Your CAS" information.


See the UKVI's Student guidance and the ISS Prepare-Complete-Submit guides. You should prepare all required documents before you submit your online visa application form.

Documents need to meet the requirements stated in the UKVI's Student Guidance and the UKVI's Immigration Rules in:

Applicants who have lived in the UK for 12 months or more when they apply

If you have been living in the UK on a valid visa for 12 months or more at the time you make your Student visa application, UKVI say you will not be asked to provide financial evidence of meeting the Student visa maintenance requirements.  

Differential evidence arrangements

Certain nationals applying for a Student Route visa do not need to provide evidence of their finances or their 'evidence used to obtain the offer' documents with their visa application.  See Appendix Student, paragraph ST 22.1 for full details.

You must still meet all the Student Route visa requirements and ensure that you collect the documents before submitting your application, as UKVI have the right to request your documents at any time during the application process. 


How you will get your new BRP

UKVI will post your new BRP to you via courier to the UK address you entered onto your visa application form.  Check your BRP details are correct once you receive this.

Report any errors with your BRP to UKVI

  • All other errors: report online within 10 days of receipt of the BRP - corrections are free.

If you change your UK address, passport or any personal details after submitting the online visa application form

You must notify the UK as soon as possible by completing and submitting a Change of Circumstances form.

Once you have received your new BRP

  • You will also need to return the old / expired BRP to UKVI via post:


Returns Unit

PO Box 163


BS20 1AB