Research Strengths

Researcher in a laboratory at the BHF Building


Within MVLS, our research strengths are encapsulated within our eight multidisciplinary Research Schools. These Schools bring together internationally-renowned experts in order to advance research in medical, veterinary and life sciences. Our collaborative, interdisciplinary approach means we can study processes at every level of their biological organisation, from genes, to cells, organs, individuals, populations, and ecosystems.

The results of our high quality research are used across the UK and internationally to improve human and animal health, quality of life and the competitiveness of the UK economy. Our annual research income exceeds £133M.

Research Beacons

Glasgow’s Research Beacons are crossdisciplinary areas of research excellence which have attracted major financial and intellectual investment. They bring together inspiring researchers from across the University who are working with other institutions, funders, practitioners, policymakers and charities to address grand challenges that have impact on both a national and international scale. MVLS contributes significantly to the following Beacons with contributions from across our wealth of expertise.