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Researcher Development Framework (RDF)

RDF ImageYour Research Training Programme is based on the requirements set out in the Researcher Development Framework (RDF) Councils’ Joint Skills Statement for the development of researchers’ skills and attributes.

It sets out the knowledge, behaviours and attributes of effective and highly skilled researchers as they progress through their career.

It is structured into four domains, which encompass:

  • what researchers need to know to do research
  • how to be effective in their approach
  • when working with others
  • and in contributing to the wider environment.

Within each of the domains are three sub-domains and associated descriptors, which describe different aspects of being a researcher.


(A)Knowledge and Intellectual Abilities(B)Personal Effectiveness(C)Research Governance and Organisation(D)Engagement, Influence and Impact
     1.Knowledge base
     2.Cognitive abilities
     1.Personal qualities
     3.Professional and career development
     1.Professional conduct
     2.Research management
     3.Finance, funding and resources
1.Working with others
2.Communication and dissemination
3.Engagement and impact

See Appendix 1, page 45 of the Research Training Handbook, for a fuller description of the RDF domains.

Mandatory courses

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Graduate Teaching Assistant Training

The training course to be a Graduate Teaching Assistant is run by the Academic and Digital Development team.