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Researcher Development Framework (RDF)

RDF ImageYour Research Training Programme is based on the requirements set out in the Researcher Development Framework (RDF) Councils’ Joint Skills Statement for the development of researchers’ skills and attributes.

It sets out the knowledge, behaviours and attributes of effective and highly skilled researchers as they progress through their career.

It is structured into four domains, which encompass:

  • what researchers need to know to do research
  • how to be effective in their approach
  • when working with others
  • and in contributing to the wider environment.

Within each of the domains are three sub-domains and associated descriptors, which describe different aspects of being a researcher.


(A)Knowledge and Intellectual Abilities(B)Personal Effectiveness(C)Research Governance and Organisation(D)Engagement, Influence and Impact
     1.Knowledge base
     2.Cognitive abilities
     1.Personal qualities
     3.Professional and career development
     1.Professional conduct
     2.Research management
     3.Finance, funding and resources
1.Working with others
2.Communication and dissemination
3.Engagement and impact

See Appendix 1, page 45 of the Research Training Handbook, for a fuller description of the RDF domains.

Postgraduate Student Credit System

There are various type of courses/skills/activities you can get credits for. The goal is not to get as many credits as possible. The goal is to design a well thought out training programme for yourself gaining skills and experience that you can take with you and show to employers.

Here is a breakdown:

Internal CoursesExternal CoursesExternal - outwith the university
  • In the Research Training Handbook these are in the pink section and are organised by the MVLS Graduate School. 
  • A register of all attendees is sent to us by the teacher and we assign the appropriate credits to your record.                                                                                                                                                            



  • In the RTP handbook these are in the green section and are mostly organised by the Researcher Development Team, they are outside of the Graduate School but within the university.
  • If you do any of these, you need to claim for credits via Ivanti.                                                                                 



  • These consist of anything that take place outside of the university like courses/workshops/seminars/poster presentations/journal submissions
  • See the  , especially p38-39.
  • If you do any of these, you need to claim for credits via Ivanti.
  • You can only do one of each of these, for example, you can't claim credits for three journal submissions or two poster presentations or claim credits for a conference you attended one year and then attended again the following year.
  • You should have gained the required experience necessary when doing the skill the first time.
  • Full-time students undertaking a PhD should aim to gain 20 skills training credits. You should aim for at least 12 credits in the first year. 
  • Activities should be done and credits claimed for them in the current academic year.
  • Credits cannot be claimed retrospectively from previous academic years.
  • All other postgraduate degrees and part-time students should gain credits pro-rata. MScR students should aim for 4-6 credits.
  • Self-evaluate your training needs using the Training Needs Assessment Form and the Vitae Researcher Development Document (PDF).
  • Meet with your supervisor to review the completed Training Needs Assessment form.
  • Agree on a training plan and complete the Researcher Development Log .
  • Review your training needs with your supervisor throughout the year at your annual review.

Mandatory courses

How to claim credits

Complete the MVLS Skills Credit Application Form: 

  • Login to the MyGlasgow Student Portal > Create a support call in the Ivanti Helpdesk
  • Click on Icon for the service catalog area of Avanti, the student support system Service Catalogue
  • Search for 'MVLS Skills Credit Application Form'
  • Complete and submit the form
  • Several items can be listed in one claim. Evidence is required.


  • You must upload evidence of attendance. Where formal proof is not available, we may accept a timetable, agenda, booking email, etc.
  • Skills and training opportunities, that relate to your PGR studies, and are not listed in the Research Training Handbook, are allocated one credit.
  • Your school may also have a short training programme for you and will allocate it some credits but credit allocation needs to be authorised by TAAC, the Training and Awards Committee. The Graduate School my require to investigate further.
  • This is a manual process and it may take one month for credits to appear on your record on the PGR Progress Review System.

Request a HEAR Transcript

Graduate Teaching Assistant Training

The training course to be a Graduate Teaching Assistant is run by the Academic and Digital Development team.