Welcome to the University of Glasgow!

Below is an example of a typical induction week. 

Sign up for events here via Bookwhen.com: 


Researcher Development and MVLS events can be found here:


By now you should have received an invite from our central team. And if you have any difficulties accessing links for events, please email us: mvls-gradschool@glasgow.ac.uk.

Below you will find info for events across the University and the MVLS Graduate School, where you can view a day-by-day calendar of sessions and events which are relevant to you. Some of these will be run by us, your Graduate School, and others will be run by Researcher Development, which are open to PGRs from across the University. 

Sessions for MVLS will take place in-person and online. Other sessions may also take place in person or online so please check carefully when booking the ticket for any event.

Zoom links and passcodes to attend the online live session will be sent to your university email address and you must log into live sessions using your University of Glasgow credentials.

It is important that you are fully financially and academically registered and enrolled prior to induction.



PGR Induction - Monday

10.00: Welcome to Induction Week (Online)

10.30: Researcher Development (Online)

12.00-13.00: Useful (if slightly dull) things you need to know (Online)

13.00: Campus Tour (In person)

14.30: The secret to a well formatted thesis (Online)

16.30: Researcher Wellbeing (Online)

PGR Induction - Tuesday

10.00-12.00: MVLS Dean's Welcome and Meet Your Convenor Breakfast (In person)

12.30: Campus Tour (In person)

14.30: University Services Fair (In person)

16.30: Pizza and Pop (In person)


PGR Induction - Wed

10.00: International Student Services (Online)

10.30: Researcher Representation (Online)

11.00: Getting started with Literature Reviews (Online)

12.00: PGR Personal and Campus Safety (Online)

13.00: Boardgame - How to Fail Your Research Degree (In person)

13.00: PGR Gardening (In person)

15.00: Grill a PGR (Online)

15.00: Part-Time Research - Getting Started (Online)

PGR Induction - Thursday


12.30-14.00: Flash Presentations from current PhD students (MVLS)


See your local school for possible events.

PGR Induction - Friday

See your local school for possible events