College Showcase

The College of Arts & Humanities brings together four schools: Critical Studies, Cultural and Creative Arts, Humanities and Modern Languages and Cultures. Our wide-ranging research includes heritage, philosophical and theological studies and studies of information, culture and language, often in partnership across disciplinary boundaries and beyond Arts.

We value how we work together and how we work with our partners. Researchers work closely with public, private and third sector partners across the creative, cultural and heritage industries, and education and policy arenas. These partnerships highlight the value of Arts & Humanities research in tackling societal and economic challenges in the modern world, and how they make a difference.

It is important to us that our research is not only valuable because it creates new knowledge and increases our understanding, but that it can be used to make a difference. Areas where we have seen impact through effective engagement with civic institutions include: public policy, social inclusion, public understanding, mental health and wellbeing, curation of cultural memory, creative arts, education, heritage conservation, cultural diversity, and the profile of Gaelic.