Trembling with Dodescaden

Trembling with Dodescaden

School of Culture & Creative Arts | College of Arts & Humanities | Thinking Culture | Hunterian
Date: Saturday 02 December 2023
Time: 14:30 - 15:30
Venue: Hunterian Art Gallery
Category: Concerts and music
Speaker: Dodescaden

In the performance of Lemon Island, Laurence Maillot, accompanied by Jeremy Demesmaeker and Baptiste Buob, presentss the dialogue she establishes between Maloya and the choreographic space as a place of resistance. Maloya is a song and dance from the island of Réunion, located in the Indian Ocean between Mauritius and Madagascar, where Laurence Maillot was born and raised. The performance is a postcolonial trembling, an embodied search for a lost homeland, a wager with spirits.

****For your information : a cameraman is involved in the performance during which footage will be shot; however, these images will not be broadcast outside the context of the performance.

Dodescaden is a company based in Marseille, led by Laurence Maillot and Jérémy Demesmaeker. Their various choreographic pieces result from a creative process that blends dance, music, and theater, drawing inspiration from observations and studies of bodies affected in contemporary society. Their creative process is built upon improvisation and dance composition workshops, fostering a permeability between the body and the world, according to them. The choreographic space creates a shared time in which participants gradually assimilate knowledge specific to the dancing body, thus developing a potential for critical embodiment. This critical embodiment opens up new horizons for reimagining the world by listening to one's own body, the surrounding space, and others in an attempt at collectivity.

This event is supported by Thinking Culture and the Hunterian.

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