International Women's Day, Friday 8 March, 2024
College of Arts and Humanities Student Takeover

To celebrate International Women's Day 7 groups of creative students, from first year UG to PGR, are taking over some College spaces (and one that's an interloper!) with imaginative displays that highlight women's contribution in a diverse range of spheres. Please come and visit the displays and meet the students between 12 and 2 pm. You can find them at the following locations:

Women and Housing Rights
Gilmorehill Halls Foyer | Carys Brown + Amelia Cowie 
A visual display taking the viewer through the past, present and future of Glasgow housing policy, and how it has specifically affected women.

Photography & Memory Craft Workshop
Gilchrist Postgraduate Club (2:30-4:30pm) | Keni Li
Join us for an exciting journey of self-expression and creativity in this unique workshop, which offers a platform for women artists and scholars to break down language barriers through visual storytelling and to share their stories, express their emotions, thoughts, solve their dilemmas, through various artistic mediums. Book here.

The Whole World Sounded
2 University Gardens | Claire Reynolds + Hannah Michie
Glasgow University Union (from 2.00pm)
A reading and performance event, as well as a static display featuring contributions from creatives who have responded to women they feel were overlooked, under-represented or side-lined within the field of arts and humanities. 

Voices Unheard: A Tribute to Women of History
4 Professors’ Square | Emilie Flower + Sara Bucheeri
A multimedia display of untold histories, which will have a curated list of female figures from various disciplines within the humanities—literature, philosophy, arts, social sciences, and more—whose stories and achievements have been underrepresented or forgotten. 

Pulling out all our hats
6 University Gardens Foyer | Somaria Maharaj + Michelah Brown
Thinking about the unique and diverse hats we put on everyday as women in our many roles, with a focus on highlighting the accomplishments of Black, Latina and Caribbean women. We invite you to come and share your own contributions.

The Fabric of Femininity
Adam Smith Business School Atrium | Kyra Zapf + Xiaohan Gao
An exhibition that focuses on women engaged in the art of sustainable textile production, with their stories charted through photography, clothing displays, and an interactive loom with various local yarns set up for visitors to contribute to weaving a tapestry.

Women at War
Hetherington Building Foyer | Rachel Millar
A display which begins in 1914 and journeys over a hundred years of war and conflict. Using images of and made by women, their stories shine a light on various roles and also show the importance of women in their communities, workspaces, and as artistic creators. The purpose of this display is to provide reflections on the impacts of war on our minds and bodies across history and today.

 The initiative is part of the new College Student Experience Strategy which promotes student voice, opportunity and engagement.