Poetry and the Climate Crisis: Scotland and India (Session I)

Poetry and the Climate Crisis: Scotland and India (Session I)

College of Arts | The Dear Green Bothy | Being Human Festival
Date: Thursday 11 November 2021
Time: 16:00 - 18:30
Venue: online
Category: Public lectures, COP 26 Online
Website: deargreenbothy.gla.ac.uk/event/poetry-and-the-climate-crisis/

Part of the Being Human Festival 2021

How can poetry be of practical help in the climate crisis?
How can it set the tone for the contemporary debate?
How can it inform a collective response across continents? 

Join a whole host of poets, readers, and interdisciplinary thinkers as we explore these urgent questions through the work of two great, international writers: Patrick Geddes and Rabindranath Tagore. Over two complementary sessions on 11 and 18 November, dive into the historic relationship between Tagore, Geddes, and the leader of the 1920s Scottish Renaissance, Hugh MacDiarmid, and explore the relevance of their legacy in contemporary ecological poetry in both Scotland and India. Each session will feature a lively combination of short talks, readings, writing activities, and creative responses.

Presented as part of The Dear Green Bothy, a collaborative cultural programme from the University of Glasgow’s College of Arts showcasing creative and critical responses to climate emergency. 

For the duration of the Being Human Festival we also invite your contributions to a crowdsourced poem inspired by ecological prompts from the work of Geddes and Tagore. Follow @UofGArtsfor details!

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