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UK-Ireland Planning Research Conference 2023 

Planning on a Crisis Footing 

UK-Ireland Planning Research Conference 2023 - Planning on a Crisis Footing

Whether it’s the cost-of-living crisis, the energy crisis, the climate crisis, the Covid crisis, the retail crisis, or the second home crisis, planning has a crucial role to play in solving the multitude of challenges that towns, cities and rural areas are facing in the early 21st century.

Planning on a Crisis Footing was the theme for the 2023 UK-Ireland Planning Conference, hosted by Urban Studies at the University of Glasgow from Monday 4 September 2023 to Wednesday 6 September 2023.

Programme and venues

Conference booklet

View and download the Conference Booklet with welcome messages, information for delegates and a simplified version of the Conference Programme.

UK-Ireland Planning Research Conference Booklet 2023 (PDF)


A PhD Workshop focused on innovations in theory, skills development and networking took place on Monday 4 September.

Spaces of Hope Exhibition

Spaces of Hope is an AHRC-funded project exploring the Hidden Histories of Community-led Planning in the UK. Led by Prof Sue Brownill (Oxford Brookes University) and – working in partnership with the TCPA – it brings together researchers from Oxford Brookes University, the University of Sheffield, Queens University Belfast, Cardiff University and Middlesex University who are supported by an Advisory Group comprising professionals involved in private practice, community development, academia and the charitable sector. 

The Planning Research Conference hosted an exhibition of this exciting project to showcase the results. These explored the often-overlooked ways in which local people and organisations have come together to improve their physical and social environments. Since the 1960s a rich but hidden history has emerged of communities drawing up their own land-use plans, owning, occupying and developing sites, initiating community projects and using art and others forms of media to communicate ideas. 

Poster to open the Spaces of Hope project exhibition with the text 'People's Plans. How local people and organisations have come togetehr to fight for the future of their areas.'

Posters on panels for the Spaces of Hope project exhibition

Posters on panels for the Spaces of Hope project exhibition

Posters on panels for the Spaces of Hope project exhibition

Posters on panels for the Spaces of Hope project exhibition

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Conference chair

Professor James White, Professor of Planning and Urban Design

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