28 April 2021: Report launch: What is driving the rise of high rise? What are the characteristics of this typology? And how sustainable is it in the long term?

Join us for this webinar where we will be launching the report and discussing the issues arising with an international panel of experts.


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12 March 2021: How Can Modern Methods of Construction Enhance Housing Supply

How can modern methods of construction (MMC) boost housing supply? And what are the barriers to adopting it? Find out in this CaCHE webinar.

5 March 2021:  Delivering More Homes and Better Places In Scotland

What will it take to deliver more, high-quality homes and create places that work for everyone in Scotland?

Delivering more, high-quality homes and better places is fundamental to Scotland’s economic recovery from COVID-19. It is a cross-cutting thread that runs through the four themes of the NPF4 position statement: to plan for net-zero emissions, resilient communities, a wellbeing economy, and better, greener places.

This webinar builds on recent research on new housing supply, design quality, land assembly and placemaking. A set of pre-recorded presentations summarises the findings from this research, while the three live panel discussions focus on the practicalities of delivery.

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