3 June 2021:  Uneven Impact of Covid-19: Neighbourhood Experiences in South Africa, India and Philippines

Urban Studies Seminar Series: Urban Research and the Covid-19 Era


  • Professor Ivan Turok – Human Sciences Research Council, South Africa
  • Professor Debolina Kundu – National Institute for Urban Affairs, India
  • Professor Mario-Delos Reyes – Centre for Neighbourhood Studies, Philippines


Almost no corner of the globe has escaped the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, but these impacts have not been felt equally. Research has shown that our ability to respond to Covid-19 is influenced by social and economic status, suggesting that where and how we live matters. Nowhere is this more acute than cities and towns in the developing countries.

Researchers at the GCRF Centre for Sustainable, Healthy and Learning Cities and Neighbourhoods (SHLC) are studying cities from the inside out examining the sustainability of different neighbourhoods right across the city.

In this webinar, three SHLC researchers (in-country Co-PIs) from Africa, South Asia and East Asia will present their work investigating how Covid-19 impacted different neighbourhoods and communities across the city. They will address the following questions: What are the defining characteristics of neighbourhood distribution in the city? How has Covid-19 impacted different neighbourhoods and have these impacts aggravated pre-existing spatial disparities? What actions can we take  to address the different needs of urban residents in different neighbourhoods?

The presentation will be followed by question and answers.


This seminar will be chaired and introduced by Professor Keith Kintrea, Deputy Director of SHLC, University of Glasgow.

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29 April 2021: Online Workshop: Doing Knowledge Exchange During the Covid-19 Pandemic


The move towards online and digital platforms has led to innovative approaches to overcome barriers to the active participation of all project stakeholders. This workshop will provide an opportunity for researchers and research partners to share experiences and identify good practices. The discussion will be used as a basis for a guide setting out key challenges and effective knowledge exchange strategies for projects working in the Global South.

This workshop is targeted at researchers, project partners and doctoral students working in Low and Middle-Income Countries.


Further details available here

12 January 2021:  Webinar: Urban and Place-Based Learning

This webinar featured leading-edge research investigating relationships between place and educational disadvantage, both in the Glasgow City Region and in cities in the Global South.

This webinar was part of a series of events coordinated by the University of Glasgow’s School of Education celebrating social justice research in education.


Further details including recordings and presentations available at: http://www.centreforsustainablecities.ac.uk/events/urban-place-based-learning-webinar-education-global-south/