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  • Ahn SunHa (Social and Public Health)
    Digital Interactions as a Therapeutic Source for Social Identity Construction among Youths (16-24 ages) Living with HIV in South Africa.
  • Akhtar Smina (Sociology)
    Experiences of and Resistance to State Racism in Scotland
  • Alonso Curbelo Ana (Politics(R))
    The Role of the News Media in Perpetuating Electoral Fraud Myths in the UK and US
  • Anderson Martin (Social & Public Health)
  • Avsar Rasim Erdem (Sociology(KS))
    Queer Theatre as Political Intervention
  • Bakare Gani Olalekan (Urban Studies(R))
    Urban Renewal and the Livelihoods of the Urban Poor in the Marginalised Informal Community of Makoko, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Banks Kevin (Urban Studies(R))
    Legislative Change to the Private Rented Sector
  • Baruffati David (Urban Studies(R))
    Getting Under the Skin: An urban ethnography exploring the links between deprivation and health across two socioeconomically contrasting Glasgow communities
  • Baturoglu Balci Ulku (Sociology)
    is “Constituting Violence: Women’s Experiences of Violence in Rural Areas”.
  • Biggar Blair (CEES)
    Understanding ‘lived citizenship’: A study of Roma in Scotland
  • Black Barry (Urban Studies(R))
    Chances or Choices? Influences on Subject Choices in the Curriculum for Excellence
  • Bochorishvili Anna (Sociology)
    Relationship Experiences of Women with Disabilities in Georgia (Sociology, Inequalities - women with disabilities)
  • Brady Ewan (Urban Studies(R))
    The impacts on families and children of long-term private renting
  • Brady Sam (Sociology)
    A socio-political and technical history of the Sports Wheelchair
  • Brown Joe (Sociology)
    What meaning does recovery have for heroin users in rural Scotland? An ethnographic study
  • Cain Anthea (Politics(R))
    Gender inequality in old-age social policy in China
  • Campbell Christopher (CEES)
    The Splintering of an Empire: US policy towards the non-Russian republics of the Soviet Union 1977-1992
  • Chau Wai Fong (Politics(R))
    Rich Chinese Migration
  • Chueca Del Cerro Cristina (Politics(R))
    Political Polarization and Violence around Independence Movements in Online and Offline Social Networks
  • Cimová Kristina (CEES)
    Thesis rephrased to: Investigation of grand and petty corruption through the lens of Slovakia's healthcare sector
  • Clapp Robb (Sociology)
    Media consumption and Environmentalist identity
  • Cox John (Urban Studies(R))
    Defining ‘Urban Character’ and its influence on the physical outcomes of urban regeneration
  • Cox Rebecca (Urban Studies(R))
    Designing the streets of the future: the Avenues programme, Glasgow
  • Cozmuta Adrian (Economic & Soc History(R))
    Airline privatisation in Europe and its impact upon labour, performance, and customers.
  • Deng Yajun (Sociology)
    Government policy, media coverage, and public understanding of climate change in China
  • Dickson Zachary P (Politics(R))
    Are legislators responsive to public priorities?
  • Doig Douglas (Urban Studies(R))
    Future Cities
  • Edwards David (CEES)
    Ever Decreasing Circles: Perceptions and Projections of Estonia's Regionality within North-Eastern Europe
  • English Kirstie (Sociology)
    How should survey measurements represent differences of sex, gender, and sexuality in the UK?
  • Forsyth Lewis (Urban Studies(R))
    Future Cities - Enhancing Funding Freedoms
  • Gardner Paul (Politics(R))
    Information control and Party-state legitimacy in China
  • Gilmour Molly (Sociology(KS))
    How can we strengthen emergency healthcare for forced migrants situated on the edges of Europe?
  • Gracher Hannah (Politics(R))
    Documenting corporate human rights accountability from below in Colombia
  • Gruber Johannes (Politics(R))
    Troublemakers in the streets? A framing analysis of newspaper coverage of protests in the UK 1992-2016
  • Gyurko Fanni (CEES)
    Exploring the socio-legal aspects of low-level corruption: A study of informal economic transactions of long-term local residents and migrants in Scotland and Hungary
  • Hardie Iain (Urban Studies(R))
    ‘The Impact of Universal Credit rollout on homelessness in Local Authorities in Scotland and England’
  • Hawkton Gavin (Economic & Soc History(R))
    Media, Public Discourse and the Miners' Strike 1984-85
  • Ireland Robin (Sociology)
    Commercial determinants of health in sport
  • Jamieson Michelle (Urban Studies(R))
    Health barriers and educational enablers for the return to employment
  • Jankowski Krzysztof Zenon (Sociology)
    Dread and Confidence: Navigating Adulthood Pathways
  • Kennedy Sarah (Criminology)
    A common hope: a theological exploration of the role of hope in the desistance process.
  • Kriz Maximilian (Urban Studies(R))
    The Future of Welfare in the Post-Work Smart City
  • KURT SEHER (PhD in Sociology)
    Digital authoritarian forms of big data governance
  • Li Yifei (Sociology)
    Journalistic ethics in a digital age in China
  • Long Jinqiao (Urban Studies(R))
    Housing and Wealth Accumulation: Evidence from China
  • Lowton Zubeida (Urban Studies(R))
    Analysing Socio-Spatial Transformation in Post-Apartheid South Africa: A Comparative Case Study of Johannesburg and Cape Town
  • MacLellan Donna (Criminology)
    Young women and consumer culture
  • Maxwell Alex (Politics(R))
    Post-conflict recovery in Gulu and Lukodi (North Uganda Acholiland)
  • Mitha Karim (Sociology)
    Identity, resilience, and mental health amongst Muslims in Scotland
  • Mullen Ashli (Sociology)
    Historical Discourses of Racialisation and Contemporary Representations of Roma (Im)migration in Scotland.
  • Mwaba Phallon (Social and Public Health)
    Intervening on hypertension in Zambia: development of a culturally-sensitized lifestyle programme to reduce disease incidence in urban areas
  • Nisbet Jolan (Politics(R))
    Member State engagement with the Common European Asylum System in an enlarged Union.
  • O'Malley Daniel John (Politics(R))
    Explaining the Use of Issues in Referendums
  • Pearson Paul (Sociology)
    Biographical Recovery: Recognising Multiple Barriers for Adults with an Acquired Brain Injury
  • Penney Jessica (Sociology)
    Songusattak (What Strengthens): Constructions of Inuit Health in Nunatsiavut, Canada
  • Petersen Helge (Sociology)
    The Racialisation of Law, Order and Crisis - Political Struggles over Racist Violence, Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice in Britain between the mid-1970s and early 2000s
  • Powell Fiona (Urban Studies(R))
    Examining the impact of student housing in the privately rented sector on estranged students.
  • Powell Stephen (Politics(R))
    Investigating the Dynamics of Nonstate Actor Rivalry in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) 1993-2018
  • Ptolomey Amanda (Sociology)
    Children as Researchers Exploring Belonging, Transitions and Wellbeing
  • Richardson Robert (Urban Studies(R))
    Creating well-designed places in Scotland: What does it take
  • Rochow Thomas (Urban Studies(R))
    Young people's lived experiences of welfare conditionality
  • Rodríguez Toribio Isabel (Politics(R))
    Cooperating to Cut it off at the Source? The International Community and The Fight Against Terrorist Financing and Money Laundering.
  • Rubio Arnal Alejandro (Criminology)
    Improving Re/integration in Scotland Through Collaboration: a Glasgow case
  • Ruottunen Sonja (CEES)
    National scripts of family life and state action in the context of post-socialist migrations
  • Sawyer Taylor (Urban Studies(R))
    Evaluating and Critiquing the Uses of and Educational Dimension of On-going, City-wide Children’s Participation.
  • Scanlan Michael (Politics(R))
    From El Congreso to Voulí ton Ellínon – The development of inclusionary populism
  • Schnippering Marvin (Economic & Soc History(R))
  • Schwab Julia (CEES)
    The Power of Infrastructure. Elite strategies to maintain power in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan
  • Shaw April (Sociology)
    Older Female Drug Users – Negotiating Identities through Drug Use, Treatment, Recovery and Beyond
  • Shaw Daniel (Politics(R))
    Winning the Peace: Structural Challenges to the Demobilization of Non-state Armed Groups.
  • Shetabi Linda (Urban Studies(R))
    Urban Conservation and Environmental Sustainability in Scottish Urban Planning Policy and Practice
  • Shi Lin (Economic & Soc History(R))
    ‘The effects of green energy consumption on firm performance in China’
  • ST Hilaire Macon Linton (Economic & Soc History(R))
    The Global Scotch whisky industry 1918-2018
  • Stanton Alasdair (Politics(R))
    Hierarchy in the Chinese Party-state
  • STAVROPOULOS Agathangelos (Politics(R))
    Digital activism and different types of trust
  • Tetley-Brown Lucille (Sociology)
    Data Culture in Scottish Local Authorities: Staff perspectives of data use for public service delivery transformation
  • Todd Dorothea (Economic & Soc History(R))
    The Freiburg School and the Making of the Euro
  • Van Leeuwen Sacha (Sociology)
    Achieving Legitimacy in a New Media Ecology: How cyber commemorations of fallen British soldiers influence public support/opposition for warfare.
  • Wang Yang (Urban Studies(R))
    Mapping Urban Residents Place Attachment to Historic Environments: A Case Study of Edinburgh
  • Watson Andrew (Urban Studies(R))
    AS SAFE AS HOUSES? Risk Awareness, Impact and Management in the Private Rented Sector
  • Wedgwood Young Enrique (Politics(R))
    Political Stability in the Aftermath of Rebel Victories
  • Wilson-Lowe Rachel (Social & Public Health)
    Talking about abortion online: how and why are women using the Internet for support?
  • Ye Ziqian (Politics(R))
    Change to the Dual-citizenship Policy in China
  • Yesudas Noelene Marisa (PhD in Urban Studies)
    Looking down from the clouds?
  • Yi Duanyi (Politics(R))
    How unique was China's Nuclear Strategy ( 1964-1993)
  • Young Colin Ian (Sociology)
    How do health and therapeutic interventions for children with Cerebral Palsy effect their identity as young disabled people
  • Youngmevittaya Wanpat (Politics(R))
    Neutrality, State, and Religion
  • Yu Dingming (Politics(R))
    Audience Response to Chinese Media Coverage of Climate Change: Impacts on Attitude and Behaviour?
  • Zaatari Rami (Economic & Soc History(R))
    The Role of the Green Economy in Building Competitiveness and Achieving Sustainable Development in Morocco.
  • Zhang Shuai (Politics(R))
    Hume's Commercial State in International Order

Smina Akhtar



Research title: Experiences of and Resistance to State Racism in Scotland

Research Summary

I use a case study approach to examine how state racism is experienced and how communities do resistance.

  1. The Justice for Sheku Bayou Justice Campaign was established following the death of Sheku Bayoh a 31 year old Black man in Kirkcaldy whilst he was being arrested in the early hours of 3 May 2015. His family and friends established the campaign because they became suspicious of the different accounts of Sheku’s death given to them by the police.  I use a social movements analysis to examine what motivated activists to get involved in the campaign and the factors which influenced their repertoires of activism.  I examine how state racism affects activism and how the state responds when it is the subject of a claim.

  2. Serco is a private company contracted by the Home Office to house asylum seekers across the UK, including in Glasgow. In July 2018 Serco threatened to evict 300 asylum seekers from their housing in Glasgow.  A campaign to challenge the evictions was established almost immediately involving politicians, NGO’s and grass roots organisations.  I use the concept of state racism to examine the states use of private contractors to carry out its ideological commitment to keeping the numbers of certain asylum seekers down, particularly those from Muslim countries and are racialised as such.  I examine the campaign as it unfolds, to stop the evictions and how it organises and articulates its resistance to look at how resistance is done when the state is using a third party to carry out its work.

  3. The education system has historically been used to do the ideological work of the state in the maintenance of hegemonic class relations. When Britain was a coloniser the education system was used to teach the masses to be loyal to the British Empire resulting in the erasure of the history of racism from the education system.  This case study will examine how working within a state institution impacts teachers experiences of racism and how they challenge it.          



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Akhtar, S. (2020) Containment, activism and state racism: The Sheku Bayoh justice campaign. Identities, (doi: 10.1080/1070289X.2020.1813460) (Early Online Publication)

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Akhtar, S. (2020) Containment, activism and state racism: The Sheku Bayoh justice campaign. Identities, (doi: 10.1080/1070289X.2020.1813460) (Early Online Publication)

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Graduate Teaching Assistant (2018-19)

Sociology 1A: Self & Society
Sociology 1B: Critical Research in Contemporary Societies

Additional Information

I have over 20 years’ experience of doing community development work within the Scottish voluntary sector.

I have a BA (hons) Politics from the University of Strathclyde and a MSc in Urban Policy and Practice from the University of Glasgow.

Member of The Scottish Parliament Cross Party Group on Tackling Islamophobia in Scotland.