Postgraduate research students

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  • Ahn SunHa (Social and Public Health)
    Digital Interactions as a Therapeutic Source for Social Identity Construction among Youths (16-24 ages) Living with HIV in South Africa.
  • Akhtar Smina (Sociology)
    Experiences of and Resistance to State Racism in Scotland
  • Alonso Curbelo Ana (Politics(R))
    The Role of the News Media in Perpetuating Electoral Fraud Myths in the UK and US
  • Anderson Martin (Social & Public Health)
  • Armstrong Luke (Politics(R))
    Autonomy in Political Liberalism: Does it rely on folk psychology?
  • Avsar Rasim Erdem (Sociology(KS))
    Queer Theatre as Political Intervention
  • Bakare Gani Olalekan (Urban Studies(R))
    Urban Renewal and the Livelihoods of the Urban Poor in the Marginalised Informal Community of Makoko, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Baruffati David (Urban Studies(R))
    Getting Under the Skin: An urban ethnography exploring the links between deprivation and health across two socioeconomically contrasting Glasgow communities
  • Baturoglu Balci Ulku (Sociology)
    is “Constituting Violence: Women’s Experiences of Violence in Rural Areas”.
  • Biggar Blair (CEES)
    Understanding ‘lived citizenship’: A study of Roma in Scotland
  • Black Barry (Urban Studies(R))
    Chances or Choices? Influences on Subject Choices in the Curriculum for Excellence
  • Bochorishvili Anna (Sociology)
    Relationship Experiences of Women with Disabilities in Georgia (Sociology, Inequalities - women with disabilities)
  • Brady Ewan (Urban Studies(R))
    The impacts on families and children of long-term private renting
  • Brady Sam (Sociology)
    A socio-political and technical history of the Sports Wheelchair
  • Brown Joe (Sociology)
    What meaning does recovery have for heroin users in rural Scotland? An ethnographic study
  • Cain Anthea (Politics(R))
    Gender inequality in old-age social policy in China
  • Campbell Christopher (CEES)
    The Splintering of an Empire: US policy towards the non-Russian republics of the Soviet Union 1977-1992
  • Chau Wai Fong (Politics(R))
    Rich Chinese Migration
  • Chueca Del Cerro Cristina (Politics(R))
    Political Polarization and Violence around Independence Movements in Online and Offline Social Networks
  • Cimová Kristina (CEES)
    Thesis rephrased to: Investigation of grand and petty corruption through the lens of Slovakia's healthcare sector
  • Clapp Robb (Sociology)
    Media consumption and Environmentalist identity
  • Cox John (Urban Studies(R))
    Defining ‘Urban Character’ and its influence on the physical outcomes of urban regeneration
  • Cox Rebecca (Urban Studies(R))
    Measuring the Social Life of the City
  • Cozmuta Adrian (Economic & Soc History(R))
    Airline privatisation in Europe and its impact upon labour, performance, and customers.
  • Deng Yajun (Sociology)
    Government policy, media coverage, and public understanding of climate change in China
  • Dickson Zachary P (Politics(R))
    The Ideology of Meritocracy in Western Immigration Discourse
  • Doig Douglas (Urban Studies(R))
    Future Cities
  • Edwards David (CEES)
    Ever Decreasing Circles: Perceptions and Projections of Estonia's Regionality within North-Eastern Europe
  • English Kirstie (Sociology)
    How should survey measurements represent differences of sex, gender, and sexuality in the UK?
  • Gardner Paul (Politics(R))
    Information control and Party-state legitimacy in China
  • Gilmour Molly (Sociology(KS))
    How can we strengthen emergency healthcare for forced migrants situated on the edges of Europe?
  • Gracher Hannah (Politics(R))
    Regulating Responsibility? Corporate Human Rights Obligations in Areas of Limited Statehood
  • Gruber Johannes (Politics(R))
    Troublemakers in the streets? A framing analysis of newspaper coverage of protests in the UK 1992-2016
  • Gyurko Fanni (CEES)
    Exploring the socio-legal aspects of low-level corruption: A study of informal economic transactions of long-term local residents and migrants in Scotland and Hungary
  • Hardie Iain (Urban Studies(R))
    ‘The Impact of Universal Credit rollout on homelessness in Local Authorities in Scotland and England’
  • Hawkton Gavin (Economic & Soc History(R))
    Media, Public Discourse and the Miners' Strike 1984-85
  • Ireland Robin (Sociology)
    Commercial determinants of health in sport
  • Jamieson Michelle (Urban Studies(R))
    Health barriers and educational enablers for the return to employment
  • Jankowski Krzysztof Zenon (Sociology)
    Dread and Confidence: Navigating Adulthood Pathways
  • Kennedy Sarah (Criminology)
    A common hope: a theological exploration of the role of hope in the desistance process.
  • Kriz Maximilian (Urban Studies(R))
    The Future of Welfare in the Post-Work Smart City
  • KURT SEHER (PhD in Sociology)
    Digital authoritarian forms of big data governance
  • Long Jinqiao (Urban Studies(R))
    Housing, Health, Productivity and Wealth
  • Lowton Zubeida (Urban Studies(R))
    Analysing Socio-Spatial Transformation in Post-Apartheid South Africa: A Comparative Case Study of Johannesburg and Cape Town
  • Maxwell Alex (Politics(R))
    Post-conflict recovery in Gulu and Lukodi (North Uganda Acholiland)
  • Mitha Karim (Sociology)
    Identity, resilience, and mental health amongst Muslims in Scotland
  • Mullen Ashli (Sociology)
    Historical Discourses of Racialisation and Contemporary Representations of Roma (Im)migration in Scotland.
  • Mwaba Phallon (Social and Public Health)
    Intervening on hypertension in Zambia: development of a culturally-sensitized lifestyle programme to reduce disease incidence in urban areas
  • Nisbet Jolan (Politics(R))
    Member State engagement with the Common European Asylum System in an enlarged Union.
  • O'Malley Daniel John (Politics(R))
    Explaining the Use of Issues in Referendums
  • Pearson Paul (Sociology)
    Biographical Recovery: Recognising Multiple Barriers for Adults with an Acquired Brain Injury
  • Penney Jessica (Sociology)
    Songusattak (What Strengthens): Constructions of Inuit Health in Nunatsiavut, Canada
  • Petersen Helge (Sociology)
    The Racialisation of Law, Order and Crisis - Political Struggles over Racist Violence, Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice in Britain between the mid-1970s and early 2000s
  • Powell Fiona (Urban Studies(R))
    Examining the impact of student housing on mental health on students from widening participation backgrounds and relationships with non-continuation of studies.
  • Powell Stephen (Politics(R))
    Investigating the Dynamics of Nonstate Actor Rivalry in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) 1993-2018
  • Ptolomey Amanda (Sociology)
    Children as Researchers Exploring Belonging, Transitions and Wellbeing
  • Richardson Robert (Urban Studies(R))
    Creating well-designed places in Scotland: What does it take
  • Rochow Thomas (Urban Studies(R))
    Young people's lived experiences of welfare conditionality
  • Rodríguez Toribio Isabel (Politics(R))
    Cooperating to Cut it off at the Source? The International Community and The Fight Against Terrorist Financing and Money Laundering.
  • Rubio Arnal Alejandro (Criminology)
    Improving Re/integration in Scotland Through Collaboration: a Glasgow case
  • Ruottunen Sonja (CEES)
    National scripts of family life and state action in the context of post-socialist migrations
  • Sawyer Taylor (Urban Studies(R))
    Evaluating and Critiquing the Uses of and Educational Dimension of On-going, City-wide Children’s Participation.
  • Scanlan Michael (Politics(R))
    From El Congreso to Voulí ton Ellínon – The development of inclusionary populism
  • Schnippering Marvin (Economic & Soc History(R))
  • Schwab Julia (CEES)
    The Power of Infrastructure. Elite strategies to maintain power in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan
  • Shaw April (Sociology)
    Older Female Drug Users – Negotiating Identities through Drug Use, Treatment, Recovery and Beyond
  • Shaw Daniel (Politics(R))
    Winning the Peace: Structural Challenges to the Demobilization of Non-state Armed Groups.
  • Shetabi Linda (Urban Studies(R))
    Urban Conservation and Environmental Sustainability in Scottish Urban Planning Policy and Practice
  • Shi Lin (Economic & Soc History(R))
    ‘The effects of green energy consumption on firm performance in China’
  • ST Hilaire Macon Linton (Economic & Soc History(R))
    The Global Scotch whisky industry 1918-2018
  • Stanton Alasdair (Politics(R))
    Hierarchy in the Chinese Party-state
  • STAVROPOULOS Agathangelos (Politics(R))
    Digitalization, Democracy and Culture - a more effective new
  • Tetley-Brown Lucille (Sociology)
    Data Culture in Scottish Local Authorities: Staff perspectives of data use for public service delivery transformation
  • Todd Dorothea (Economic & Soc History(R))
    The Freiburg School and the Making of the Euro
  • Van Leeuwen Sacha (Sociology)
    Achieving Legitimacy in a New Media Ecology: How cyber commemorations of fallen British soldiers influence public support/opposition for warfare.
  • Wang Yang (Urban Studies(R))
    Mapping place attachment: Towards a psychological approach to historic urban environment conservation in cities
  • Watson Andrew (Urban Studies(R))
    AS SAFE AS HOUSES? Risk Awareness, Impact and Management in the Private Rented Sector
  • Wedgwood Young Enrique (Politics(R))
    Political Stability in the Aftermath of Rebel Victories
  • Wilson-Lowe Rachel (Social & Public Health)
    Talking about abortion online: how and why are women using the Internet for support?
  • Ye Ziqian (Politics(R))
  • Yesudas Noelene Marisa (PhD in Urban Studies)
    Looking down from the clouds?
  • Yi Duanyi (Politics(R))
    Chinese Nuclear Strategy: Characteristic Nuclear Belief
  • Young Colin Ian (Sociology)
    How do health and therapeutic interventions for children with Cerebral Palsy effect their identity as young disabled people
  • Youngmevittaya Wanpat (Politics(R))
    Neutrality, State, and Religion
  • Yu Dingming (Politics(R))
    Audience Response to Chinese Media Coverage of Climate Change: Impacts on Attitude and Behaviour?
  • Zaatari Rami (Economic & Soc History(R))
    The Role of the Green Economy in Building Competitiveness and Achieving Sustainable Development in Morocco.
  • Zhang Shuai (Politics(R))
    Hume's Commercial State in International Order