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School Contacts

School Executive

Head of School

Prof Michele J Burman

All Head of School business to:
Head of School Administration Chris McAdam 
Head of Subject: Central & Eastern European Studies Prof Richard Berry
Head of Subject: Economic & Social History Professor Ray Stokes
Head of Subject: Politics Professon Christopher Carman
Head of Subject: Sociology Dr Matt Dawson
Head of Subject: Urban Studies Prof Sharon Wright
Convenor of Undergraduate Studies Dr Susan Deeley
Postgraduate Taught Convener Dr Eamonn Butler
Postgraduate Research Convener Dr Mo Hume
Research & Knowledge Exchange Convener Prof Nicholas Watson
International Lead Dr Craig Smith

School Administration

Head of School Administration Chris McAdam
Head of School’s PA Jeane Bonner
Finance Manager  Sarah-Jane Sharp
Resource Administrator Susan Rodger
Finance Administrator Monica Kane
Postgraduate Research Administrator Anna Yates
Disability Officer Dr Jo Ferrie
Quality Officer - Undergraduate Dr Craig Smith
Quality Officer - Postgraduate Dr Duncan Ross
Communications & Engagement Officer Linzi Crawford

Subject Area Contacts

Central & Eastern European Studies

Head of Subject Prof Richard Berry
Subject Support Clair Clarke
Level 1   ConvenorDr Vladimir Unkovski-Korica
Administrator: Marnie Clark
Level 2 2A Convenor: Dr Frederica Prina
2B ConvenorDr Clare McManus
Administrator: Marnie Clark
Honours ConvenorDr Zsuzanna Varga
Administrator: Marnie Clark
Postgraduate Taught  Convenor: Dr Ammon Cheskin
Clair Clarke
Postgraduate Research  Convenor: Dr Helen Hardman
Administrator: PGR Administrator
Exchange Coordinator
Dr Zsuzsanna Varga
Research Champion Prof Rebecca L Kay
Seminar Programme Convenor Dr Huseyn Aliyev 
CEES Events & Seminars

Economic & Social History

Head of Subject Professor Ray Stokes
Subject Support  Suzanne Hendry
Level 1 1A Convenor: Dr Rosemary Elliot
1B Convenor: Dr Rosemary Elliot
Amy Walkingshaw
Level 2 2A Convenor: Dr Jeffrey Meek
2B Convenor: Dr Annmarie Hughes
Administrator: Suzanne Hendry
Level 3 Convenor: Dr Jeffrey Meek
Suzanne Hendry

Convenor: Dr Jim Philips
Exams Officer: Prof Michael French
Administrator: Suzanne Hendry

Postgraduate Taught
Programme Administrators
Chinese Studies: Clair Clarke
Global Economy: David Donaldson
Global Health: Clair Clarke
Global Security: Clair Clarke
History of MedicineDavid Donaldson 
Postgraduate Research  Convenor: Professor Neil Rollings
Administrator: PGR Administrator
Exchange Coordinator
Prof Jeff Fear
Research Champion Prof Jim Tomlinson
Seminar Programme Convenor Prof Neil Rollings
ESH Events & Seminars


Head of Subject Professor Christopher Carman
Subject Support Margaret Murray
Level 1

1A Convenor: Dr Thomas Lundberg
1B Convenor: Dr Katherine Allison 

1B IR ConvenorDr Georgios Karyotis w/ Dr Joanna Szostek
AdministratorKaren Masterson

Level 2 2A Convenor: Karen Wright
2B Convenor:
Dr Georgios Karyotis w/ Dr Joanna Szostek
Amy Walkingshaw
Honours  Convenor: Dr Ty Solomon w/ Dr Katherine Allison
Administrator: Margaret Murray
Postgraduate Taught 

Convenor MSc Chinese Studies: Dr Neil Munro
Convenor MSc/MRes Human Rights:
Dr Katherine Alison
Convenor MSc/MRes International Relations:
Dr Bernhard Reinsberg
Convenor MSc/MRes Political Communication: 
Dr Ana Ines Langer

Wendy Harvie

Postgraduate Research  ConvenorProf Beatrice Heuser
PGR Administrator
Exchange Coordinator
Dr Carl Knight
Research Champions Prof Jane Duckett (Research); Prof Cian O'Driscoll (Impact, until Dec 2019)
Seminar Programme Convenor Dr Joanna Szostek
Politics Events & Seminars


Head of Subject Dr Matt Dawson
Subject Support Olive Bredin
Level 1 Convenor: Dr Teresa Piacentini
Olive Bredin
Level 2 Convenor: Neil Davidson
Clare Robertson

Convenor: Dr Francesca Stella
Dissertation Convenor: Dr Nicky Burns
Assessment Officer: Dr Oona-Brooks Hay

General Paper Convenor: Professor Gerda Reith

Administrator : Lesley Scott

Postgraduate Taught

Sociology MSc and MRes Programme Convenor: Dr Greti-Iulia Ivana

Equality & Human Rights MSc and MRes Programme Convenor: Dr Dominic Pasura

Criminology PGT Programmes Convenor: Dr Julie Berg
Media, Communications & International 
Journalism Programme Convenor: Dr Catherine Happer

Global Health MSc Convenor:  Dr Cindy Gray

Global Migrations & Social 
Justice Convenor: Dr Teresa Piacentini
Sociology Dissertations Convenor: Dr Greti-Iulia Ivana 

PGT Administrator: Wendy Harvie

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Postgraduate Research

PGR Convening Team:

Sociology: Dr Lucy Pickering / Dr Gareth Mulvey
Dr Marguerite Schinkel / Professor Fergus McNeill
Anna Yates

email enquiries:


Dr Cindy Gray
Research Champion

Subject Tesearch Convenor: Professor Satnam Virdee

Head of REF Planning Group: Professor Michele Burman

Subject Impact Champion:    Professor Fergus MacNeill

Frisby Lecture Convenor Dr Andrew Smith / Dr Sarah Armstrong
ESRC Pathway Representatives

Sociology: Dr Lucy Pickering

Socio-Legal Studies & Criminology: Professor Fergus McNeill

Families, Relationships & Demographic Change: Professor Nicholas Watson

Seminar Series Convenor Dr Alicia Davis
Sociology Events & Seminars
Staff/Student Committee Chair UG Course Convenors
Open Day Convenor Dr Diego Malara
Library Committee Representative Neil Davidson
School Learning and Teaching Committee Representative Dr Hayes Mabweazara
Sociology Learning & Teaching Group Convenor

Dr Lucy Pickering


Research Centre / Network Directors

Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research: Dr Sarah Armstrong

Strathclyde Centre for Disability Research Professor Nicholas Watson

Centre for Research on Racism, Ethnicity and Nationalism: Professor Satnam Virdee

Glasgow Media Group: Professor Gregory Philo

Gambling Research Group: Professor Gerda Reith

Glasgow Human Rights Network: Dr Matthew Waites

Glasgow Refugee, Migration and Asylum Network: Dr Teresa Piacentini

Glasgow Quantitative Methods Group: Professor Mark Tranmer

Digital Societies Research Group: Professor Bridgette Wessels

Glasgow Sociology website & Twitter Feed Dr Minna Liinpaa

Urban Studies

Head of Subject Dr Sharon Wright

Teaching and Learning Director

Dr Charlotte Pearson
Subject Support


Level 1 and 2 Convenor: Dr Charlotte Pearson
Susanna Oelschlagel
Honours Convenor: Dr Jing Yao/Mark Wong
Susanna Oelschlagel
Undergraduate Nankai
Mark Wong
Exchange Coordinator
Dr Jing Yao
Postgraduate Taught

Real Estate Convenor: Dr Tunbosun Oyedokun
Planning Convenor:
Dr James White
Housing Convenor:

Transport Convenor:
Dr David McArthur/
Dr Jinhyun Hong
MRes Convenor:
Dr Amin Kamete
MSc Nankai Convenor:
Julie Miao

Administrator: Jakki Walsh
Administrative Assistant: David Donaldson

Postgraduate Research Convenor: Prof. Moira Munro
PGR Administrator

Research Director: Professor Ade Kearns/Dr Sharon Wright

Impact Champion: Professor Keith Kintrea/Dr Sharon Wright

Seminar Series Convenor Dr Adriana Mihaela Soaita/Dr Gideon Baffoe
Urban Studies Events & Seminars
Urban Studies on Twitter @UofGUrbanStudies