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School Contacts

School Executive

Head of School

Prof Michele J Burman

All Head of School business to:
Head of School Administration Chris McAdam
Head of Subject: Central & Eastern European Studies Prof Richard Berry
Head of Subject: Economic & Social History Professor Ray Stokes
Head of Subject: Politics Dr Kelly Kollman
Head of Subject: Sociology Dr Andrew Smith
Head of Subject: Urban Studies Prof Annette Hastings
Undergraduate Convener Dr Susan Deeley
Postgraduate Taught Convener Dr Georgios Karyotis
Postgraduate Research Convener Dr Mhairi Mackenzie
Research & Knowledge Exchange Convener Prof Nicholas Watson
International Lead Dr Craig Smith

School Administration

Head of School Administration Chris McAdam
Head of School’s PA Jeane Bonner
Management Support Assistant Katie Warner
Finance Manager  Sarah-Jane Sharp
Resource Administrator Susan Rodger
Research and Finance Administrator Janine Bowie
Postgraduate Research Administrator Carol Ward
Disability Officer Dr Jo Ferrie
Quality Officer - Undergraduate Dr Craig Smith
Quality Officer - Postgraduate Dr Duncan Ross
Communications & Engagement Officer Linzi Crawford

Subject Area Contacts

Central & Eastern European Studies

Head of Subject Prof Richard Berry
Subject Support Clair Clarke
Level 1   ConvenorDr Vladimir Unkovski-Korica
Administrator: Marnie Clark
Level 2 2A ConvenorDr Gavin Slade
2B ConvenorDr Helen Hardman
AdministratorTom Mathieson/Caroline McGarvie
Honours ConvenorDr Zsuzanna Varga
AdministratorTom Mathieson/Caroline McGarvie
Postgraduate Taught  Convenor: Dr Ammon Cheskin
Clair Clarke
Postgraduate Research  Convenor: Dr Luca Anceschi
Administrator: PGR Administrator
Exchange Coordinator
Dr Zsuzsanna Varga
Research Champion Prof Rebecca L Kay
Seminar Programme Convenor Dr Gavin Slade
CEES Events & Seminars

Economic & Social History

Head of Subject Professor Ray Stokes
Subject Support  Marnie Clark
Level 1 1A Convenor: Prof Jeff Fear
1B Convenor: Dr Rosemary Elliot
Eileen Douglas
Level 2 2A Convenor: Dr Annmarie Hughes
2B Convenor: Dr Jeffrey Meek
Administrator: Marnie Clark
Honours Convenor: Dr Jim Philips
Administrator: Marnie Clark
Postgraduate Taught
Programme Administrators
Chinese Studies: Clair Clarke
Global Economy: David Donaldson
Global Health: Clair Clarke
Global Security: Clair Clarke
History of MedicineDavid Donaldson 
Postgraduate Research  Convenor: Prof Malcolm Nicolson 
Administrator: PGR Administrator
Exchange Coordinator
Prof Jeff Fear
Research Champion Prof Jim Tomlinson
Seminar Programme Convenor Prof Neil Rollings
ESH Events & Seminars


Head of Subject Dr Kelly Kollman
Subject Support Margaret Murray
Level 1 1A Convenor: Dr Thomas Lundberg
1B Convenor: Dr Katherine Allison
AdministratorKaren Masterson
Level 2 2A Convenor: Karen Wright
2B Convenor:
Dr Georgios Karyotis
Maggie Nicol
Honours  Convenor: Dr Ty Solomon
Administrator: Margaret Murray
Postgraduate Taught 

Convenor MSc Chinese Studies: Dr Neil Munro
Convenor MSc/MRes Human Rights:
Dr Katherine Alison
Convenor MSc/MRes International Relations:
Dr Patrick Bayer
Convenor MSc/MRes Political Communication: 
Dr Ana Ines Langer

Postgraduate Research  ConvenorDr Mo Hume
PGR Administrator
Exchange Coordinator
Dr Naomi Head
Research Champions Prof Lauren Mclaren
Seminar Programme Convenor Prof Maurizio Carbone
Politics Events & Seminars


Head of Subject Dr Andrew Smith
Subject Support Olive Bredin
Level 1 Convenor: Dr Teresa Piacentini
Olive Bredin
Level 2 Convenor: Mr Neil Davidson
Clare Robertson

Convenor: Dr Matt Dawson
Dissertation Convenor: Dr Lucy Pickering
Administrator: Lesley Scott

Postgraduate Taught

Sociology Convenor:Dr Dominic Pasura
Criminology Convenor:
Dr Alistair Fraser
Media, Communications &
Journalism Convenor: Dr Catherine Happer
Global Migrations & Social 
Justice Convenor: Dr Teresa Piacentini
Dissertations Convenor: Professor Gerda Reith
Administrator: TBC

Postgraduate Research Sociology Convenor: Dr Andrew Smith and Dr Gareth Mulvey
Criminology Convenor: 
Dr Marguerite Schinkel
PGR Administrator

Chief Advisor of Studies & Erasmus/Exchange

Dr Cindy Gray
Research Champion Professor Nicholas Watson and Professor Michele Burman
Research Convenor Dr Andrew Smith
Seminar Programme Convenor Dr Matthew Waites
Sociology Events & Seminars

Urban Studies

Head of Subject Prof Annette L Hastings

Deputy Head of Subject

& Director of Teaching

Dr Allison M Orr
Subject Support Sabrina Grant
Level 1 Convenor: Dr Susan J Deeley
Susanna Oelschlagel
Level 2 Convenor: Dr Sharon Wright
Susanna Oelschlagel
Honours Convenor: Dr Jing Yao
Susanna Oelschlagel
Postgraduate Taught Administrator: Evelyn Smith
Administrative Assistant: David Donaldson
Postgraduate Research Convenor: Prof. Moira Munro
PGR Administrator
Exchange Coordinator
Dr Jing Yao
Research Champion Dr Sharon Wright
Seminar Programme Convenor Until January 2016: Dr Julie Miao
From January 2016: Dr David McArthur
Urban Studies Events & Seminars
Urban Studies on Twitter @UrbanStuGLA