Head of School Welcome



And welcome to the School of Psychology & Neuroscience (SPN).

We are a team focused on delivering the highest quality research and teaching. The SPN is comprised of a large number of internationally-renowned research groups addressing major questions in neuroscience and psychology, extending from the molecular level, through neuronal circuits, to behaviour. The teaching that we provide is highly-regarded and we are consistently ranked 1st in Scotland and in the top 5 in the UK in national league tables. Our outstanding reputation is built on the hard work, talent and commitment of all our staff. We’re very pleased that you have chosen to be part of our team.

The induction information is designed to help you integrate into working in the SPN and to provide you with key information to help you as you begin your work with us.

I would also like to take this opportunity to bring your attention to several events run regularly within the Institute. We have a Friday seminar series where eminent external researchers present their latest research, journal clubs covering a range of research areas and a writing group meeting to help you perfect your prose. For more information on all of these, please see our Regular Events.

I hope you quickly feel part of our SPN team and enjoy being part of what is a fantastic, stimulating and friendly community.

With best wishes,

Professor Kate Jeffery

Head of School of Psychology & Neuroscience

SPN University sites

The SPN includes an interactive network of four research Centres of Excellence located across four sites.




Your first few days

On your first day your line manager should meet you, or arrange for a suitable alternative, and show you your local working area. They will be the best person to ask if you are unclear about anything, however, the below information also serves as a guide on what key steps you need to take when you arrive. Your line manager should also allocate you a buddy to support you in your first few weeks.  The general administration team are also an important source of information and can be contacted by email (psychology-admin@glasgow.ac.uk). 

University ID card

The Campus ID Card is the University of Glasgow's ID card system for all staff and allows you to access the library, sport facilities and print system.

You can request your staff card or replace a Campus ID card via the form in the UofG Helpdesk

If you are a new member of staff, you will need to upload a passport style photograph.
This must be in .jpg or .png format and the file name must be your staff number e.g. 123456.jpg if your staff number is 123456

Cards can be collected from the Main Library Welcome Desk during Library Staffed Services hours.

A photograph is not required if you are requesting a replacement card.

If you have any other queries about your Campus Card or require support, please contact the Campus Card team via the IT Helpdesk

Registering for your GUID

To register for your GUID password, follow the link below using your personal email address (the same email address used to apply for the position via recruitment).  Your GUID username and a link to obtain your password will be emailed to you: https://guid.cent.gla.ac.uk/cgi-bin/usr/cred 

Details of the services which you can access using your GUID can be found here: http://www.gla.ac.uk/services/it/forstaff/guid/

Contact Details for Local IT Team

If you require any hardware or software advice, please contact our local IT team: support@psy.gla.ac.uk

Core (Personnel System) https://hrportal.mis.gla.ac.uk/pls/coreportal_live/cp_por_public_main_page.display_login_page

Please log-in to Core using your GUID and password, and update your Employee and Diversity Details within the My Profile section (highlighted below).

Within the Contacts section, please ensure that your work contacts i.e. telephone and address are updated (FYI – these details will automatically transfer to the University’s A-Z staff list).

This is the system that should also be used for requesting annual leave and claiming of expenses. 

University Induction

The University maintains a webpage for new starters: http://www.gla.ac.uk/services/humanresources/new/.  This webpage has been designed to provide new staff with an overview of the University and staff benefits and facilities.


Your first few weeks

Mandatory Online Training

The University has a few mandatory training courses. Could you please undertake the following over the next few weeks:


All new appointments include a six-month probationary period unless specified to the contrary on the contract of employment. Within your first week you and your line manager should meet and record an official induction meeting. During this meeting you will discuss the objectives of the position and your training needs. This is followed by review meetings at 2, 3/4 and 6 months. For more information see: https://www.gla.ac.uk/myglasgow/humanresources/mgrs-admin/managingprobation/managingprobationpolicy-toolkit/

Web Profiles

Every staff member has their own personal webpage. Most INP staff should be able to edit their staff profile page via the internet using the below instructions:

1. Make sure your VPN is connected

2. Go to https://intranet.psy.gla.ac.uk/index.php and log in with your INP login (usually your first name and last initial, like lisad)

3. Click on Administration > My Information

4. Edit the text and upload a photo

5. Make sure Worldwide is ticked to have it show up external to UofG

Performance Development Review (PDR)

PDR process provides the opportunity for all staff and their line manager to reflect upon performance and development in the last year and agree objectives and development plans for the forthcoming year. It is mandatory for all staff to complete. For more information: https://www.gla.ac.uk/myglasgow/humanresources/all/pay/pdr/ 

Useful information and key contacts

Staff Benefits

There are a number of staff benefits available. To find out more:

https://www.gla.ac.uk/myglasgow/staff/benefits/ https://www.gla.ac.uk/myglasgow/courtoffice/fergusonbequest/

Athena Swan

The Athena SWAN Charter was initially established in 2005 to recognise commitment to advancing women's careers in science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine (STEMM) employment in academia.  In 2015 the Charter was expanded to recognise work undertaken to address gender equality more broadly and not only the barriers to progression that affect can women.

The School of Psychology and INP were jointly awarded a Silver Award in October 2020

Health and Wellbeing

For the range of support offered by the University see: https://www.gla.ac.uk/myglasgow/health/

Open Access to Research Publications

All University of Glasgow authors who are acting as lead University of Glasgow author should notify the library as soon as an article or conference proceeding is accepted.  Please forward the email from the publishers notifying you of the acceptance of your publication and include a copy of the author final version.  This is the final agreed text before the publisher adds their logo.  The email address for the Open Access team is: research-openaccess@glasgow.ac.uk

Please familiarise yourself with the University’s Open Access webpages which can be found here: https://www.gla.ac.uk/myglasgow/openaccess/

REF Open Access Requirements

To be eligible for submission to the next Research Excellence Framework (REF), the final peer-reviewed manuscript of your journal OR conference papers accepted after 1 April 2016 must satisfy the following two criteria:

  1. They must have been deposited into an institutional or subject repository within 3 months of acceptance AND
  2. They must be made open access within a defined period (12 months for Science Technology, Engineering and Medicine subjects, and 24 months for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences subjects).

Please forward the acceptance email you receive from the publisher to the Library at research-openaccess@glasgow.ac.uk.  For more details about REF Open Access Requirements, please see the University’s REF guidelines below:


Travel/Accommodation/Car Hire

Contact the relevant University Travel Provider (details below) to obtain a quote.  Once your travel is agreed, email the MVLS Finance Hub mvls-order-requests@glasgow.ac.uk with the project number to be charged and they will arrange a purchase order. 

Society Membership/Conference Registration

Forward Psychology Admin the society/conference payment link plus your log-in details, and Psychology Admin will make the payment via the department purchasing card if appropriate.

Travel Insurance

Remember to apply for University travel insurance for all trips related to university business.  This is available for all staff and PG students.  Please log in with your GUID to the online form:    


Useful Information

Below is a link to the local webpages providing information for all staff and PG students.

Useful information for staff and PG students