The Library is open.

The Library is now open to staff and students from 07:15 - 23:00 daily.

Further information on using the Library safely can be found below and on our COVID-19 update page.

The Main Library

The Main Library is now open to all UofG students and staff for individual study from 7:15am-11pm, Monday-Sunday. 

The James Herriot (Vet) library and the Chemistry library are now open, James Ireland (Dental) remains closed, a 'Reserve and Collect service is available to staff and students.

To allow for physical distancing, there are a significantly reduced number of seats available. You can to check how busy the Library is at the Library entrance and in the Library Information section of the UofG Life App. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play or use online.

The laptop loan service is not operating and the number of PCs available is also significantly reduced, so please bring your own device if you can. 

You can use Zoom or other meeting software on levels 3 and 4, either on a Library PC or your own device, but you must wear headphones and keep noise to a minimum. If you need a quiet place to study please use levels 5 and up, or one of the additional study spaces. 

Use the Library safely 

  • Wear a face covering at all times. 
  • Keep a two metre distance from others. 
  • Use the stairs if you can, lift occupancy is significantly reduced. 
  • Maintain good hand hygiene and use the cleaning stations available. 
  • Only sit in spaces marked with green stickers and do not move furniture.
  • Take all possessions with you when you leave the Library. 
  • Pay attention to signs in the Library indicating the capacity of different areas, including the High Demand Collection, toilets etc. 

Please note, some people, including those with health conditions, are exempt from wearing face coverings. Please be aware of the Scottish Government advice on this, and the UofG guidance for staying safe on campus.

Borrowing Books 

You can browse and borrow books. Please use the Self-Service Kiosks to check books out and please return all books, including those from High Demand, to the Book Drop located outside the Library. Returned books will be quarantined for 72 hours. 

If you need to return a laptop please contact the IT Helpdesk with your incident reference number to arrange the return.

Please clean your hands before and after handling books. 

Arriving at the Library 

When arriving at the Library please pay attention to the signage, wear a face covering and keep a two metre distance from others at all times.  

Please enter through the revolving door. The automatic door is available for students who need to use it.  

The digital screen above the turnstiles will tell you how much space is currently available in the Library. If there are no seats available you may enter the Library to browse books, use a printer, or to visit the IT Helpdesk if you have been invited to do so, but you must not sit anywhere that has not been designated as an official study space.  

Use your campus card to swipe into the Library at the turnstiles.  

In the Library 

To support physical distancing, the Library is set up for individual study only. Please pay attention to the stickers on the desks: green stickers indicate that a space can be used, red stickers indicate that a space cannot be used. 

At the entrance to enclosed spaces such as toilets, lifts and the High Demand area, you will see signs indicating the capacity of the space. You must not exceed this number at any time. 

Please maintain good hand hygiene when handling books, using printers and touching other surfaces. Cleaning stations are available. Keep your face covering on at all times.

The Food in Focus cafe on Level 3 is open with reduced seating. Vending machines and tills will take contactless payments only. For opening hours check Eating on Campus or follow @UofGFood on Twitter.

Leaving the Library 

You must take all possessions with you when leaving the Library. Possessions left behind pose a health hazard to others, prevent proper cleaning and further reduce the already limited number of study spaces. 

You should leave through the turnstiles and exit through the automatic door to the left of the revolving door. 

Please wear a face covering and keep a two metre distance from others while leaving the Library. 

Help and Support 

The Library team are around but you may not see us, so if you have a question please get in touch through UofG Helpdesk and we’ll be happy to help: