Welcome to Health, Safety & Wellbeing, committed to ensuring that working and studying at the University of Glasgow is as healthy, safe and beneficial for your overall wellbeing, and that of the environment, as possible. We have a variety of professional and clinical specialists who can offer you a range of advice, guidance, training and clinical services in relation to safety management and environmental management as it impacts on you, your colleagues, staff and students.

Safety and Environmental Protection Service

  • Isabella Elder Building, Gilmorehill, Glasgow, G12 8QQ

Safety and Environmental Protection Service (SEPS) role is to assist the University in integrating safe working practices into its activities. SEPS monitor these activities and provide advice on routes designed to ensure that the University complies with health and safety and environmental legislation. SEPS can also provide specialist advice on fire, biological and chemical safety as well as construction safety and waste and environmental issues.

Radiation Protection Service

  • Kelvin Building, Gilmorehill, Glasgow, G12 8QQ

The Radiation Protection Service (RPS) has been set up to provide information and advice to all departments, students and staff on safety issues arising from the use of ionising and non-ionising radiation.