Schools Liaison

Members of the department are involved in a variety of activities with schools including:

Details of all these are to be found below

Advanced Higher Project Support

Regrettably, at present we cannot offer the pupil experiment day visits this session because of a lack of volunteer staff and suitable accommodation.

However, I have selected what I think are possibly useful items from our resources and made them available to schools. To access these resources e-mail me at Peter Law and I will record your interest and send you a link to allow you access.

Additional resources may be added in the future.

Multimedia Presentations on Astrophysics

We can offer multimedia talks describing some of the hottest research topics in astrophysics today - all linked to the physics taught in the school curriculum. Topics covered include:

  • Newton's laws and the rockets of the future
  • Understanding how stars and planets form
  • Atomic spectra and the search for ETs
  • The Big Bang and the runaway Universe
  • Einstein's relativity, black holes and space warps


To arrange a talk at your school, or to access copies of the presentations, contact Martin Hendry or click here for more details.

The Glasgow Particle Physics Schools Masterclass

The School of Physics and Astronomy holds an annual day-long particle physics masterclass for physics students coming to the end of 5th year of Secondary School; see here for more details.

RSE Schools' Lectures

Members of our School are involved in the Royal Society of Edinburgh's schools' lectures.  The speakers visit secondary schools in Scotland, talking on topics such as

  • Colder than Cold,
  • Big Bang Science,
  • Black Holes and White Rabbits, and
  • Hubblevision

To arrange a talk for your school contact Conor Hull of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Physics Update Workshops

Our School runs occasional 'Physics Update Workshops' for teachers.  These workshops inform of forefront research areas in Physics in a manner that is accessible and may provide useful background material for teaching of Advanced Higher Physics.  In recent years topics have included Gravitational Waves (effects of gravity), Magnetic fields on the Sun and Semiconductor Nanotechnology.

To be included in the mailing list for the next workshop please send your name and school affiliation to Lucy Murray.

Saturday Masterclasses for Tomorrow's Scientists

In conjunction with the Royal Society of Edinburgh our School runs a series of Saturday morning masterclasses, aimed at 12-14 year-olds. Topics include

  • How to be a Particle Physicist,
  • How to be a Bridge Designer,
  • How to be an Astronomer,
  • How to be a Rocket Scientist, and
  • Physics of Flight.

Physics Teachers' Summer School

For the past few years we have assisted in running a 5-day summer school for Physics Teachers within Scotland (at different locations).  Typically with attendance of 25-35, these weeks have included laboratory updates, industrial visits, and keynote speakers.  Supported by the IoP, they are excellent opportunities to meet teachers throughout Scotland, exchange ideas and discuss future options.

For further information, please go to