Study with Us

The Glasgow Particle Physics Experiment (PPE) group has a strong record of research and leadership at particle collider experiments, and we currently host more than twenty postgraduate students. 

Our students have gone onto successful careers around the globe in academia and research, as well as finance, IT and media.

What are our research areas?
  • analysing data from the ATLAS and LHCb experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC);
  • leading future upgrades to the LHC experiments;
  • design studies for a future neutrino factory and a future linear collider;
  • novel semi-conductor detector technologies for applications in particle physics and beyond;
  • collaborating with theorists on novel measurements, and LHC data-reinterpretation;
  • and building e-science and grid computing facilities.
Who can apply?

We welcome applications for postgraduate studentships in all of the above research areas. We have PhD positions available for both UK-based and Non-UK applicants, through various funding schemes.  We also welcome applications from candidates with external funding.

What funding is available?

Our studentships are funded by a range of sources. In 2020 we expect to award 3 STFC studentships, with the potential also for ScotDIST Centre for Doctoral Training in Data-Intensive Science studentships, and EPSRC/CASE studentships in detector development.

Our regular STFC-funded studentships are on offer for UK and EU students who have been resident in the UK for at least three years (including for full-time education; see the STFC documentation).  ScotDIST PhD studentships on data-intensive science are open to UK and EU applicants. All these studentships cover tuition fees and provide a tax-free stipend.

In addition, prestigious SUPA Prize Studentships and Glasgow University Scholarships, both of which cover fees and provide a stipend, are available to students of all nationalities, and the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland offer Carnegie-Caledonian PhD Scholarships.