Core2Core Progress Meeting, Glasgow, 4-6 Sept

‌‌Schematic Map of Consortium PartnersWe are looking forward to welcoming the Core 2 Core Consortium back to the vibrant city of Glasgow this autumn!

Information on arriving at the Gilmorehill (ie. main) campus can be found at the University's main website.

Please see below for a tentative agenda for the meeting.




Location & Directions

September 4th: Main building, Lecture Theatre 466

September 5th: Main building, Senate Room

September 6th: Western Infirmary Lecture Theatre 112AB

A map of the University campus can be downloaded here: The dotted lines in the snapshot below indicate the best routes.

For Monday's meeting, approach the main building from the South Front (ie. in front of the tower) and enter the west quadrangle (A6 on the map) via the archway to the left of the University tower. Then enter the building through the door to the far left, in the corner of the building (see inset photo, below). The Lecture theatre is one flight of stairs up.

Tuesday's meeting is to be held nearby, in the Senate room. This is best accessed by entering the main building immediately beneath the tower and going up the grand staircase to the right. Once up the stairs, the Senate room is to left and is signposted.

Wednesday's meeting is to be held in building B9 on the map below, the Western Infirmary Lecture Theatre. This is best approached from University Place, as indicated below.

Sun 3rd September

1900: Meet at the centre of George Square to walk to an informal evening meal, Drygate Brewery (Drygate, Glasgow). This is an optional event and will not be booked in advance.

Mon 4th September

Location: Lecture Theatre 466, Main Building, The University of Glasgow

1000 Welcome & Opening Remarks, Malcolm Kadodwala

1010 Session A [Theory Session] Chair: Malcolm Kadodwala

1010 Igor Proskurin: Chiral soliton lattice under elastic strain: the double sine-Gordon model
1030 Jun-ichiro Kishine
1105 Tea (Melville Room, Rm. 458)
1140 Alexander Ovchinnikov: Melting of the soliton lattice in thin films and 2D phase physics
1215 Yusuke Masaki: Underlying chiral soliton in chiral magnets

1300 Lunch (Melville Room, Rm. 458)

1430 Session B [Theory Session continued] Chair: Jun

1430 Skype Call, Bob Stamps
1500 Igor Proskurin: Spin-wave chirality in antiferromagnets

1530 Tea (Melville Room, Rm. 458)
1545 Tour including Xe Plasma FIB
1630 Poster Session & Discussion

1700 Wrap-up

1900 Dinner, Dakhin Indian Restaurant, Candleriggs, Glasgow G1 1NP
          £24 per person (exc. drinks).

Tues 5th September

Location: Room 461 (Senate Room), Main Building, The University of Glasgow

0900 Session C [Experimental Session] Chair: Yoshihiko Togawa

0900 Gary Paterson: Towards an understanding of hybrid chiral plasmonic structures
0935 Francisco Goncalves: Magnetic resonance experiments on micrometre sized uniaxial chiral
helimagnet crystals
1010 Damien McGrouther: Novel TEM detection underpinning investigations of chiral magnetism
1045 Tea (Turnbull Room, Rm 456)
1115 Yusuke Kousaka
1150 Yoshihiko Togawa: Functionality of chiral spin system and coupling with other chiral matters
1225 Malcolm Kadodwala

1300 Lunch (Turnbull Room, Rm 456)

1400 Session D [Early Career Session] Chair: Jun-ichiro Kishine

1400 Sebastian Gliga
1420 Affar Karrimullah
1430 Yue Li: Ferromagnetism and domain wall topology in artificial 'pinwheel' spin ice
1500 Chris Kelly: Controlling Metamaterial Transparency with Superchiral Fields
1520 Gavin Macauley: Skating on Spin Ice: the pinwheel as a chiral artificial spin ice system
1540 Tea (Turnbull Room, Rm 456)
1600 Rair Macedo: Symmetry breaking in hyperbolic magnetic crystals
1620 Kayla Fallon
1640 Ray Lamb

1700 Wrap-up

1900  Evening meal: The Bothy, (Ruthven Lane, Glasgow),
         £30 per person (exc. drinks).

Wed 6th September

Location: Rm 112AB, Western Infirmary Lecture Theatre, The University of Glasgow

0900 Session E [Discussions & Next Steps] Chair:

1100 Tea

1300 Lunch

1400 End