Kick Off Meeting, Glasgow, 11 - 13 October 2015

"Chirality is the quintessential cross-disciplinary subject, and I’m sure Lord Kelvin would have approved of this combination of world-leading expertise from the Schools of Physics and Astronomy and Chemistry, together with distinguished international collaborators, to develop new fundamental insights and practical applications, especially those based on the subtle interplay of chirality and magnetism, the exciting potential of which remains largely untapped."
Prof. Laurence Barron FRS FRSE

Detailed information is available from the Hiroshima University Core to Core website.

Location & Directions

Sun 11th October

1pm - 5pm: informal sight-seeing open-top bus tour of Glasgow city centre. See for more details. Tickets can be purchased on the day for £13. Meet in the very centre of George Square at 1pm!
1830: Informal evening meal, Stravaigin restaurant (Gibson Street, Glasgow),
          £25 per person (excluding drinks).

Mon 12th October

Location: Gilbert Scott Suite, The University of Glasgow

0845 Welcome & Opening Remarks

Bob Stamps
Kunio Takeyasu, Director, JSPS London.

0915 Session A [Chiral Spin] Chair: Malcolm Kadodwala

0915 Invited talk: Prof. L Barron FRS FRSE
         Chirality, magnetism & light
1000 Katsuya Inoue (Hiroshima Univ)
         Chirality of inorganic and inorganic materials: Material aspects
1025 Shigeo Ohara (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
         Crystal growth of inorganic chiral materials
1050 Junichiro Kishine (Open Univ. Japan)
         Physics of a mono-axial helimagnet: a theoretical overview
1115 Alexander S. Ovchinnikov (Ural Federal Univ)
         Theoretical perspectives in chiral helimagnets
1140 Yoshihiko Togawa (Osaka Pref Univ & GU)
         Physics of mono-axial chiral helimagnet: An experimental overview
1205 Stephen McVitie (GU)
         Interface DMI and skyrmions

1230 Lunch & Poster session, Melville Room
1400 Session B [Chiral Nano-optics] Chair: Alexander Ovchinnikov

1400 Invited talk: Alexander Govorov (Ohio University)
         Govorov theoretical assets of plasmonic chirality
1440 Malcolm Kadodwala (Glasgow University)
         Chiral metamaterials: a new paradigm in biomacromolecular analysis
1500 Hiromi Okamoto (Institute for Molecular Science, Okazaki)
         Near field measurements of circular dichroism

1530 Tea & coffee
1600 Session C [Chiral magneto-optics] Chair: Junichiro Kishine

1600 Invited talk: Paolo Vavassori (CIC nanoGUNE, San Sebastian, Spain)
         Optics with magnetoplasmons for sensing
1640 Rair Macedo & Bob Stamps  (Glasgow University)
         Optics of antiferromagnets and spin textures
1700 Sonja Franke-Arnold  (Glasgow University)
         The orbital angular momentum of light, electrons and atoms

1720  Discussion & Wrap-up
1900 Dinner, Oran Mor, Glasgow G12 8QX


Tues 13th October

Location: Gilbert Scott Suite, The University of Glasgow
0900 Invited talk: Kannan Krishnan (University of Washington, USA)
          Biomedical nanomagnetics

0945 Research snapshots (Including tea & coffee) Chair: Yoshihiko Togawa

 Yusuke Kato (Univ. Tokyo) Perspectives
 Hiroyuki Ohsumi (Spring-8) Polarized XRD and scanning microscopy
 Masayuki Hagiwara (Osaka Univ) ESR
 Norio Ogita (Hiroshima Univ) Raman
 Gary Paterson (GU) TEM EELS for plasmon visualization

1100 Facility tours: (3 groups)
    (1) Kelvin Nanocharacterisation & School of Physics & Astronomy
    (2) School of Chemistry
    (3) James Watt Nanofabrication Centre
1300 Lunch & poster session, Melville Room
1400 Invited talk: Simon Crook (EPSRC)
          A funder's perspective on research collaboration sustainability
1415 Round table discussions (facilitator: Yoshi Togawa)

  Group work with a focus on developing research 'road map' publications e.g.
 [Chiral Spin] Jun Kishine
 [Chiral Nano-optics] Malcolm Kadodwala
 [Chiral Magneto-optics] Bob Stamps

1530 Tea & coffee
1600 Wrap-up and agreement on next steps.
1700 Close

1900  Evening meal: Balbir's Indian Restaurant, (Church Street, Glasgow),
          £22 per person (exc. drinks).