Famous Scholars in the Faculty of Medicine

Famous Scholars in the Faculty of Medicine

Marbai Ardesir Vakil (1868- c.1948)


Marbai Ardesir Vakil (MBCM 1897) was the first female Asian graduate. Born in Bombay in 1868, she graduated BA from Wilson College, Bombay in 1888. She came to Glasgow's Queen Margaret College Medical School in 1893, just as the women's college was merging with the University. After graduation she spent two years working as a postgraduate in Glasgow, before returning to Bombay to work in hospitals. Dr Vakil left for Aden in 1927, where she worked in Government service and private practice until 1941.201

Some further reading - Sir Stuart Symes autobiography 'Tour of duty' deals with the introduction of Indian medical staff in Aden at the time that she arrived there (Syme was the Governor)

Image of Marbai Ardesi Vakil, courtesy of University of Glasgow Archive Services

Marbai Ardesir Vakil, graduation 1890s,  with permission of Glasgow University Archive Services