BDS Entry Requirements: For Entry in 2024

All grades must be achieved at one sitting (one year). This applies to all qualifications, from all countries and exam bodies.

Highers/Advanced Highers


AAAAB in 5 different subjects. These must include: 

  • Higher Biology/ Human Biology - Grade A 
  • Higher Chemistry - Grade A
  • Higher Mathematics or Physics
  • Higher English/ESOL - pass at grade C accepted provided the overall conditions are met

Please note to meet the academic criteria for interview, we look at 5th year results and would expect applicants to have attained AABB as a minimum, including Biology or Chemistry at Grade A.


6th Year 

Must include at least three subjects: 

  • At least one Advanced Higher (Chemistry and/or Biology) - Grade B
  • A further 1-2 Highers/Advanced Highers

School leavers must apply from S6. Applications from S5 will not be considered.  

GCSE/A Levels


AAA in three different subjects by the end of year 13 plus the GCSE requirements outlined below. A-Levels must include: 

  • Biology/Human Biology - Grade A
  • Chemistry - Grade A

Please note that General Studies is not acceptable as a third A-Level.


6 GCSE subjects at Grade A/7. Must include:

  • Maths or Physics
  • English Language or Literature (accepted at grade B/6 provided 6 other GCSE's have been attained at A/7) 

International Baccalaureate

International Baccalaureate

36 Points including three HL subjects at 6,6,6. Must include: 

  • Chemistry AND Biology at HL
  • Mathematics or Physics at HL (If it is not possible to take Mathematics or Physics at HL then SL6 will be considered)

Graduate Applicants

The Dental School considers applications from graduates who have a 2.1 Honours degree or equivalent (eg GPA of 3.0 or above) in a relevant subject, and must demonstrate the equivalence of Chemistry and Biology (Grade A, A Level/Higher) and Maths or Physics (Grade B, GCSE/Higher) obtained within the last 6 years.  These qualifications can be evidenced through the degree transcript or from prior qualifications.   Please be aware that a graduate who has attained a 2.2 Honours degree will not be considered for entry, regardless if they have undertaken an additional qualification such as an MSc. 

Graduate applicants who have obtained an MBChB and at least part one of the MCRS may be considered for entry to year 2 of our 5 year BDS programme. However, entry to year 2 is not guaranteed and is dependent on a space being available in year 2. If no places in year 2 were available the candidate may be offered entry to year 1 and would be expected to complete the full 5 year degree.

Due to the nature of BDS, we do not offer an accelerated entry to graduates from any other subject area. 

Mature applicants

We recognise that it is not possible for everyone to progress to University straight from school when they are 17 or 18.  Therefore we welcome applications from mature applications.  Mature applicants are expected to attain the Highers or A-Levels outlined below, which can be undertaken at Further Education Colleges.   Alternatively you could consider an approved Access course.  Either option would give you the qualifications to make an application but would not guarantee an offer. 


Biology, Chemistry and either Maths/Physics at Grade A.
All of the above qualifications must be taken in one sitting. 


Access courses for adult returners


Please be aware that we do not consider any Higher National Certificate (HNC) for entry to BDS. 

Widening Access

The University of Glasgow is committed to Widening Access. We believe all applicants should have an equal chance of entry and we strive to identify talent and potential, regardless of background or life circumstance.  Specific applicants will be given or considered for adjusted offers that are lower than our standard entry requirements.

Find out more about eligibility for adjusted offers and adjusted entry requirements.

Please be aware that a grade concession will never be offered for a Chemistry or Biology qualification. Additionally, achieving the adjusted results will allow the applicant to be considered for interview and does not guarantee admission to BDS.  Any adjustments will apply only once at the time of first application. 

Extenuating Circumstances

The Dental School has set out entry tariffs (grades) that must be achieved at one sitting (one year).  This applies to all qualifications, from all countries and exam bodies.

Exceptions to this policy will be considered, where there are genuine extenuating circumstances, which may include, amongst other things, family bereavement, applicant illness, serious illnesses within the family or other significant family or personal circumstances.  Applicants should notify the BDS Admissions team of any extenuating circumstances via email prior to the BDS application deadline of 15 October. Applicants should also include notification of extenuating circumstances in the UCAS application, with explicit reference in the personal statement and/or school reference.  Extenuating circumstances will not be considered after the application deadline.

Where an extenuating circumstance has been properly notified to the BDS Admissions team, the following process will apply:

1. The BDS Admissions team will request appropriate documentary evidence to be provided.  This may include letters from GP's, Consultants, Social Work Department, Schools or Colleges.

2. Upon receipt of appropriate documentary evidence, the BDS Admissions Committee will convene to consider the application.

Please be aware that submitting an extenuating circumstance application does not guarantee that you will be made an offer or that your circumstances will be accepted by the committee.  Further, we cannot indicate in advance whether an application is likely to be accepted.

Please note that we are not in a position to accept extenuating circumstance applications related to UCAT.  In line with the UCAT ‘Fit to Test’ Policy, candidates who present themselves to test are declaring themselves fit to take the test.


Age of qualifications

We require applicants to have participated in study within an appropriate period of time prior to being admitted to BDS. We are unable to consider qualifications that are over 6 years old. If qualifications are outwith this time limit applicants are encouraged to seek entry through an alternative route such as an Access course (see:Mature applicants). This policy is designed to ensure that students admitted to BDS can cope with the academic rigour of our degree programme.