Our grade adjustments

You may be on track to achieve our published minimum or standard academic entry requirements, in which case, well done and keep going.

However if you are in any of the below categories, you may benefit from some extra support and an adjusted offer.

Applicants who are GUARANTEED an adjusted offer of entry are those who can meet the adjusted entry requirements in S5 or S6 and:

  • Are or have lived in Care;
  • Are estranged from family and living without family support.
  • Who, at the time of application, are living in a priority postcode which is regarded by the Scottish Government as being within the 40% most deprived regions of the country, as categorised by the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD). This is sometimes referred to as "MD" or "MD40"

You may also be considered for an adjusted offer of entry if you do not meet the above criteria, but have successfully completed a pre-entry programme, and:

  • Are seeking asylum in the UK
  • Have refugee status
  • Are a carer (provide unpaid care)

For more information please see our Adjusted Entry Requirements Brochure.